Co founder of Shanghai Stock Exchange Forum

 Co founder of Shanghai Stock Exchange Forum

Director Lin Chongjie delivered a keynote speech, analyzing the impact of the epidemic on the global economy and the changes in industrial trends. Taipei responded positively to the impact of the epidemic by launching five action plans, including infrastructure, innovative research and development, smart retail, talent cultivation and public services, to accelerate digital transformation.

In addition, representatives of Shanghai online new economy enterprises also came to the sub forum. Among them, the co-founder of AI inventory, a new e-commerce platform, gave a speech at the sub forum of industrial economic exchange. She mentioned that under the epidemic situation, offline consumer industries represented by restaurants, tourism and cinemas have suffered heavy losses, offline retail has fallen into crisis, and online economy such as online office, online education, online health care, games, video, and e-commerce continue to break out. The Chinese mainland has maintained rapid economic growth. The new online economy in Shanghai has also exploded with amazing energy. Many Internet companies, including consumers, are in the wind.

Calm introduction: the mode of love inventory is fundamentally a new decentralized e-commerce mode. One end of the platform connects with the brand side to help businesses de stock, expand sales and quickly and efficiently withdraw funds; on the other end, it connects with the shopkeeper, providing one-stop service including integrated supply chain, digital shop, training, customer service and payment ability, so as to achieve the goal of low risk, low threshold, and high efficiency The characteristics of low cost is to realize individual entrepreneurship and generate income, and ultimately provide consumers with high cost-effective goods, so as to eliminate the brand consumption gap in low-level cities. At present, AI inventory platform has more than 1.8 million shop owners. In the new e-commerce mode, the shopkeeper becomes the main flow owner, and the buyer can search for the goods before to be recommended and follow the interested recommenders, so as to improve the matching efficiency of people and goods and reduce the transaction cost of goods retail. In the case of people not moving, goods are recommended and presented to you, which can maximize the efficiency of commodity circulation and reduce costs, so as to achieve people do not transfer, goods are transferred. It can be called the four values of love inventory model, which are to reduce production capacity, help environmental protection, stabilize employment and promote consumption.

In AI inventory, consumers, merchants and shopkeepers are an equal, efficient and decentralized participation mode. Products are moving around consumer demand, brand side flow acquisition cost is low, and shopkeepers open stores at zero threshold, and consumers enjoy exclusive personal services. Following the introduction of decentralized small program rates, Aiku has successfully connected public and private traffic and diverted consumers to shopkeepers. The real asset of new e-commerce is the value of private traffic. Who really owns private traffic can really own the future of new e-commerce.

In addition to its own exploration of innovation, the rapid development of Aiku is inseparable from the forward-looking vision of the Shanghai government, the fertile land provided by Shanghai for entrepreneurs, and the city spirit of embracing all rivers, pursuing excellence, being open-minded and wise, and being magnanimous. In his speech, he said that Chinas mainland has more than a billion consumer markets, especially in the 3456 line area of the sinking market. At the same time, Shanghai is also continuously providing various technical professionals for enterprises. All these have brought great opportunities for technological change and mode breakthrough for the development of enterprises including the existence of Aiku.

The impact of the sudden epidemic on the global economy has brought many crises, but danger also contains opportunities. With the trend of love inventory, is bravely standing in the tide, in the wave of the new economy.