How to deal with the cancellation of tennis season? Play local Games

 How to deal with the cancellation of tennis season? Play local Games

For Chinese athletes, this means that there will be no more peak season of international events in the past years. How to cope with the adjustment is a challenge for everyone.

ATP announced the cancellation of the Chinese season.

The good news is that despite the cancellation of WTA and ATP events, the China Tennis Tour, which will open in August, will provide a stage for many domestic players.

Jiang Wei, head of the coaching team of the mens team of Chinas national tennis team, told surging journalists that the cancellation of the WTA and ATP Chinese seasons had been foreseen, and the players were looking forward to participating in the China tennis tour next time. I havent played for a long time. Im very excited.

WTA announced the cancellation of the Chinese season.

The tennis circle is not surprised that the Chinese season has been cancelled

In July 24th, ATP announced that it would cancel the 2020 China season. WTA also announced that the WTA events originally scheduled for Chinese mainland will no longer be held this year.

In total, 11 events have been cancelled, including China open, Shanghai Masters and Shenzhen WTA year-end finals.

According to the schedule, the cancelled events include:

China open, originally scheduled for October 12 in Beijing;

Wuhan tennis open, originally scheduled to be held in Wuhan on October 19;

Jiangxi tennis open, originally scheduled to be held in Nanchang on October 19;

Zhengzhou tennis open, originally scheduled to be held in Zhengzhou on October 26;

Shenzhen WTA year-end finals originally scheduled to be held in Shenzhen on November 9;

Zhuhai WTA super elite, originally scheduled to be held in Zhuhai on November 16;

Guangzhou International Womens tennis open, originally scheduled for November 23 in Guangzhou.

ATP chairman Andrea gordenz said, in the event of this pandemic, we will follow the guidance of relevant local departments for the organization of activities. We respect the decision made by the Chinese government in response to the unprecedented global pandemic

We respect the decisions that have been made and look forward to WTAs return to China as soon as possible next season, said Steve Simon, President and CEO of WTA

In fact, such a decision has been predicted by many domestic tennis players.

On July 9 this year, the State General Administration of sport issued the work plan for the scientific and orderly restoration of sports events and activities to promote the resumption of work and production of the sports industry, which states that in principle, no other international sports events and activities will be held this year except for important events such as the Beijing Winter Olympics test competition.

Jiang Wei, head of the mens coach team of Chinas national tennis team, said he was not surprised by the decision

Chinas epidemic prevention work is the best in the world. If a large number of foreign players are allowed to compete, I dont feel so safe.

When our own athletes came back from abroad, they were isolated for 14 days or even longer, and the measures were very strict. After all, they chose between competition and life. Although it is possible to hold (ATP and WTA) competitions, it is also possible to cancel them.

Wang Qiang and other high-level athletes still have the chance to compete.

Domestic athletes still have competition stage

In the past years, Chinas tennis season has been very intensive for men and women. However, the cancellation of Chinas tennis season this year does not mean that domestic players will have no matches to play.

From August 1 to August 8, the China Tennis Tour will be held in Yunnan Anning hot spring Peninsula Tennis Center. Initiated by China Tennis Association, it is a brand-new large-scale tennis event with independent intellectual property rights in China. It consists of four events: Mens singles and womens doubles. Each race is divided into two stages: preliminary and primary. The first race will last for 8 days.

It is understood that the event was planned two years ago and successfully launched after the domestic epidemic situation was controlled this year.

Compared with the Chinese season of ATP and WTA, the schedule of China Tennis Tour will not be so intensive. After all, the most important thing is to prevent and control the epidemic.

Before going there must be a negative result of nucleic acid test within 7 days, and after arriving at the competition place, another nucleic acid test should be carried out. After the nucleic acid report is negative, warm-up training and other preparations can be carried out. The prevention and control requirements are very strict

Epidemic prevention still comes first. Its very difficult to arrange the event now

China open will also be cancelled.

Test training results with competition

In fact, at the beginning of the preparation of the China Tennis Tour, more attention was paid to the masses and more standardized competition opportunities for domestic non professional players and tennis lovers, an industry source told the surging news reporter. But in todays special context, such considerations also need to be adjusted.

The competition is divided into four grades: 1000, 800, 500 and 200. The first two levels are for professional and professional players, and the last two are for amateurs and amateurs. The first race to be held on August 1 is the 1000 point level event.

The launch of this competition is also at the right time. First of all, it solves the situation that many athletes have no competition to play. At the same time, it can also test the results of athletes training at this stage through competitions. The person said.

The schedule of the whole tour is initially set at about 20 stops. However, there is no official announcement of all the specific events. Instead, it is planned to make dynamic adjustments according to the epidemic prevention and control.

Now its every Monday, and I dont want to be too tight and put a lot of pressure on the preparatory work. In the past, domestic tennis events would be held back to back continuously, and even more than one match a week would be held at the same time. However, it is not allowed now. One is the problem of manpower and material resources, and the other is that there is a great pressure on epidemic prevention.

It is understood that this year, in addition to the China tour, there are also National Team Championships and individual Championships in China. The former may be held in October, while the latter is still under discussion. And in all of these events, safety will come first.

Epidemic prevention and control is absolutely the most important task, and various plans have been made, including epidemic prevention and control plan, emergency plan, territorial support, personnel management plan, etc

Looking forward to the game, psychological adjustment is very important

Jiang Wei said frankly that due to the impact of the epidemic this year, tennis players and coaches have to work hard to adapt to the new situation.

The epidemic lasted for a long time. Not only did I never encounter this situation in my teaching career, but also did coaches older than me. This is a great challenge for athletes and coaches. Its almost the same as going back to the 1970s and 80s

Therefore, in the training, Jiang Wei will also make some adjustments, it is definitely not possible to have a high intensity all the time. The rhythm and quantity of training need to be well grasped. For a period of time, the intensity is high, and for a period of time, relaxation and rest are necessary.

Jiang Wei believes that in addition to the physical state, psychological adjustment is also very important. Many teams are closed training, can not go out without special circumstances, mental and psychological fatigue is easier to accumulate, so psychological control and relaxation are also put in a more important position, and it needs an adjustment every other time to train normally.

Some children have been practicing for too long. From the intensive competition before to the absence of competition, they may feel the goal is missing. They dont know why they are practicing. This requires some psychological counseling and adjustment, and a lot of work needs to be done in this area.

Fortunately, as the domestic tennis tournament is about to start, it is a long drought every rain for athletes eager to compete.

Were all looking forward to it because we havent played for a long time and are excited. Jiang Wei told surging journalists.