Rendong groups strategic investment xiaohuanggou promotes garbage classification progress with financial capital

 Rendong groups strategic investment xiaohuanggou promotes garbage classification progress with financial capital

It is understood that Rendong group holds 30% of the shares of little yellow dogs parent company, Pixie (Tianjin) Environmental Protection Technology Group Co., Ltd.

Industry insiders believe that, as a large-scale comprehensive group of financial technology, Rendong group can realize the perfect integration of financial capital + environmental protection through strategic investment in xiaohuanggou, realize the financial de virtual to real, and promote the continuous progress of Chinas garbage classification.

Garbage classification opens a new fashion

Founded in August 2017, xiaohuanggou is a comprehensive operation and service provider of domestic full category waste classification. According to the needs of different cities, enterprises and property communities, little yellow dog provides a package of one-stop garbage sorting solutions. Up to now, xiaohuanggou has settled in 39 cities and more than 9000 residential areas. It has laid more than 12000 sets of intelligent garbage sorting and recycling equipment, has more than 5 million online registered users, covering 12 million families, and is in the leading position in the industry.

According to public data, as one of the major shareholders of Rendong holdings, Rendong group has developed into a large-scale comprehensive group mainly engaged in financial technology. Under the leadership of chairman Huo Dong, Rendong group has gradually become a leading financial technology service platform in China. It adheres to the value core of promoting the development of real economy with financial capital, deeply promotes the integration of capital and industry, and focuses on financial technology Continuous innovation, committed to building into a diversified financial technology strong enterprise.

Rendong groups stake in xiaohuanggou not only brings new vitality of Internet Science and technology to xiaohuanggou, but also introduces a strong contributor and participant to the garbage sorting industry. It also provides new ideas and new directions for the development strategy of Rendong holdings to help national economic reform and promote industrial transformation and upgrading.

Financial technology promotes the development of real industry

From the perspective of the strategic layout of Rendong group, it has two characteristics of inclusive and scientific and technological, which helps to realize the ecological closed-loop of financial science and technology, and can help the upgrading of the real industry further.

Huo Dong believes that in the future, Rendong group will meet the urgent desire of small and micro enterprises for capital and professional services through financial product innovation, business model innovation and technology support innovation. By improving the efficiency of financial resource allocation, we can further promote the integration of capital and industry. With the overall implementation and promotion of Rendong groups layout of financial technology industry chain, it will help to realize the high integration of capital and industry, and the overall competitive strength is expected to be greatly improved in the future.