What about hollyfield? Why Tyson was chosen as his opponent when he came back

 What about hollyfield? Why Tyson was chosen as his opponent when he came back

Now, the two legends are finally meeting in the ring - Tyson and Jones will meet in Californias diversity health sports park on September 12. A 54 year old and a 51 year old, although both legendary boxers have retired for many years, the current collision will undoubtedly arouse the appetite of the whole world.

Prior to the media hype Tysons return, the first game will be against Holyfield.

Tyson chose me

Im not going to go back and play again, but for Tyson, Im willing to make an exception. Hes a legend. For me, its an opportunity that I cant refuse. Of all the people who want to play with him, he chose me. If he did, how could I refuse?

Joness words are full of respect for Tyson, but also full of their own pride.

As he said, a few months ago, when Tyson announced his comeback to the show, a group of boxers and fighters, including Holyfield and bridges, took the initiative to send them to the door, but Tyson didnt take over. He kept telling the outside world, theres a louder name waiting for him.

Now the answer has been revealed. In Tysons eyes, it seems that Jones is the best match for himself.

Tyson and Jones are three years apart, and their careers are somewhat similar - they have both struggled to be defeated and loved in one, but both fell from the altar unprepared.

Tyson was jailed at the peak of his rape case. After three years in prison, he regained the gold belt of WBA and WBC in a short period of one and a half years, announcing the return of his king.

However, Tyson encountered TKO in 11 rounds in the first battle with Holyfield. Seven months later, the second battle staged the most jaw dropping event in boxing history

Tyson versus Roy Jones.

Fate played a joke on Jones

In the year Tyson was ruthlessly trampled by Lewis, Jones was still in the ascendant.

As the undisputed overlord of lightweight and heavyweight, he leaped two levels into heavyweight, and beat Ruiz in points and won the WBA heavyweight belt. At that time, Jones was more popular in the ring than Mayweather today.

But after returning to the light and heavy weights, fate seems to have made a joke with him - Jones was successively Ko by taffel and Johnson, and the speed of myth breaking was more sudden and unexpected than that of Tyson.

In fact, Tyson and Jones had a chance to fight in heavyweights after 2003. It was rumored that the promoters offered a price of $40 million to let them go, but for some reason, Jones didnt fight.

According to the analysis of insiders, although Tyson is in decline, he still has speed and heavy punches for heavyweight players. For Jones, who is light and expert, Tyson is far more lethal than clumsy Ruiz.

Jones is fine, but even an old lady at a gas station can recognize Mike Tyson, not Roy Jones. Tyson also told the media during his career slump.

Tyson is back in shape.

This war makes up for 20 years of regret

To some extent, Tyson and Jones are individuals at different levels, and from the competitive level and even personal character, sometimes looking at each other will be like looking at themselves in a mirror.

They all have superhuman talent. They used to be the spokesmen of fast but never break. If Tyson didnt neglect training because of his arrogance, he would not have suffered Waterloo in Tokyo and would not have lost easily to Holyfield.

And if Jones doesnt despise his former companion taffer, he can make his career more perfect They are favored and blinded by talent.

Both Tyson and Jones did not enjoy much in the later part of their careers, but Tyson chose to leave. In the final war, he said: a bad Tyson should not stay in the ring and shame boxing.

According to the experts, both Tyson and Jones have a chance to be better, but the wrong time and the wrong choice affect their career.

But now, fans all over the world have a chance to witness their dream match. Even if the match is nearly 20 years late, even if they are no longer the strong wind and lightning on the ring, but in their youth and feelings, this will still be the fight fans most expect.