OSullivan: playing snooker is harmful to health and encouraging children to play football as president

 OSullivan: playing snooker is harmful to health and encouraging children to play football as president

To be honest, I would not encourage my son to play snooker. I would say to play football, or golf, tennis, maybe Formula One racing. I always remind them that if you want to enter a glamorous industry, dont come to snooker, because its not good for your health. OSullivan firmly opposed to his children playing snooker, so what industry does he want his son to do besides sports?

Its good to be a lawyer or an accountant, and theres a few careers, or trying to create the next Amazon company, which is more exciting than playing snooker in a leisure center. Perhaps in OSullivans view, its easy to create a top company like Amazon? Its more exciting than playing snooker, but for the average person, its no less difficult to be a lawyer than to be a snooker player.

Of course, as an old player who has been in professional football for nearly 30 years, OSullivan has no doubt about his love for snooker. I love playing games, and I prefer to play without any training and preparation. That way, there is no pressure, and there will be no consideration about the coming large-scale games, because once you start to think about your own game Its not very good. If youve trained enough, then playing becomes a job

During the isolation period of the epidemic, OSullivan said that he had only practiced on one table for about six or seven hours, but he still spent a lot of time to control his skills. I dont need to go to the table, for example, golf practice swing, as well as snooker. The club is the extension of the body. If you control every link well and control it at the right time, do it in place, Then you dont need any special training.

OSullivan compared his training adjustment state to driving an Audi. Just like Audi, he will drive you everywhere. Its a great feeling, but hes not a Ferrari or a Ford. Hes in the middle gear and can finish his work. Ive been looking for this simple and soft choice all my life. I dont need a lot of training to polish my skills This method is very reliable.

OSullivan is still eager to win the world championship for the sixth time at the crucible theatre, but it seems entirely up to him to do so this year.