Zou Yuchen returns to Shenzhen

 Zou Yuchen returns to Shenzhen

Bayi team: Fu Hao 32 points 17 boards, Tian Yuxiang 11 points, Alston 25 points, Zou Yuchen 14 points 9 boards, Yu Chen 8 points 4 boards, Xu Zhonghao 5 points 4 boards

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Game replay:

In the first quarter of the game, Bayi was the first to win the right to attack the ball. Zhao Yiming made a strong shot under the basket, Yu Chen made a backward step jump shot, Yang Linyi scored a breakthrough in the middle, and Luo Kaiwen made a jump shot. The official pause came back, the chance of Alstons outside line hit three points, Tian Yuxiangs outside line also had three points, Alstons outside line also continued, Bai Haotians throwing score, the first quarter ended, 81 32-18 ahead of Shenzhen.

In the next Festival, Zou Yuchen scored under the basket, and he Xining even scored three points to stop Bayi. When the game came back, Zou Yuchen made two free throws. Tian Yuxiangs left-hand corner was in a three-point race. Yang Linyis three-point hit was to stop bleeding in time for Shenzhen. Yu Chens free throw line was in the middle and Zhao Yimings under basket attack was scored by Zhao Yiming. Lu Yiwens layup was scored. At the end of the half-time, Shenzhen was ahead of Shenzhen on August 1, 52-42.

When Yi Bian fought again, Fu Haoqiang started to make a foul. Zhao Yiming scored with both hands, Tian Yuxiang made a three-point hit, Bai Haotian hit the basket with a counterattack, Shenzhen team hit the three-point whistle from the left corner, Zou Yuchen made a foul, two penalties were all hit, Alstons three points were also in the middle, Yang Linyi immediately returned with color, Alstons three points again, Fu Haos left middle shot scored, three quarters, eight 81-73 ahead of Shenzhen.

At the end of the game, the bottom corner of the right side of Alston did not enter, Liu hangchu made up the basket hit, Zou Yuchen snatched three points from Alston and then stopped the game. After he came back, Yang Linyi made a fast attack, which caused Zou Yuchen to make two penalties. Zou Yuchen pulled up a violent buckle, Fu Haos half basket jump shot hit, Yang Linyi left outside three-point ball, August 1 again asked for a pause. Back in the game, Fu Hao scored a mid-range jump shot. Lu Yiwen scored 5 points in a row from inside and outside. At the end of the game, he defeated Shenzhen on August 1, 106-91.

The two sides launched:

Shenzhen team: he Xining, Bai Haotian, Yang Linyi, Lu Yiwen, Zhao Yiming