The girl took me to see the flowers

 The girl took me to see the flowers

Zhou Tuo, who paid for what he wrote, tried to win over readers day and night. But in the surging network writers hands, he is still unknown, occasionally lazy stop for two days, bricks fly all over the message area.

Therefore, in a group of readers who regard themselves as their parents, Xiaohua seems to be a clear stream.

At the beginning, Zhou Tuo didnt care. She only thought that the other side was a girl student who was not involved in the world. Because of the beauty of distance, she fell in love with a male Luotuo writer. Until Xiaohua took her own excerpt and sent it to Zhou Tuo, proving that she had copied nearly 100 pages of Zhou Tuos classical sentences, Zhou Tuo accepted all her adoration.

Great Xia Feng Yang, reading your articles after self-study every night will give me a steady stream of motivation. Floret sent voice, happy like a small sparrow. In the face of praise, Zhou Tuo was elated for a moment, but he looked up at himself in the mirror, haggard and rough because he did not leave home, as well as the messy room, and instantly returned to the gloomy reality.

Because he didnt do well in the college entrance examination, Zhou Tuo was studying an inexplicable major. He had no girlfriend, no money, no dreams. His family members opposed him. He quarreled 300 times over the phone.

In recent years, Zhou Tuo only felt that he had fallen to the bottom.

Xiaohua said: Fengyang, I want to see the city where you are. When she said this, Xiaohua had just finished the college entrance examination, carrying a lonely heart and a pile of luggage, she flew from Qingdao to zhoutuos school gate.

Although the floret after a long journey, but full of spirit, not tired at all. A 17-year-old girl, wearing sneakers and a blue blazer, rolled her big eyes like a breath of the sea. Seeing Xiaohua, Zhou Tuo felt much younger.

Back in the rental house, Zhou Tuo put down his luggage and was ready to take Xiaohua out for dinner. However, he was stopped by the other party: dont spend any money. Just give me a kitchen. While taking out bags of carefully preserved seafood from her luggage, floret got into the kitchen and began to tinkle. Zhou Tuo, who was tired of instant noodles, enjoyed the meal.

Zhou Tuo is sure that he likes Xiaohua. It is when they look down on the night of a city on the high viewing platform. The lights of the city made Zhou Tuo a little tired, and his temporarily forgotten confusion revived. He gently put his forehead against the railing and suddenly blurted out such despondent words as its really tiring to live..

Xiaohua held back her smile and remained silent for a long time. She pulled up her long sleeve and showed Zhou Tuo a large ugly scar on her left arm. It was Xiaohuas father, who had a quarrel with his daughter. He knocked over a pot of boiling water and scalded it. Its not that the world is unfair to you. Everyone has an indescribable past. The key is how we defeat it and move forward.

Xiaohua is so calm that she seems to be telling other peoples stories, but she causes an earthquake in Zhou Tuos heart. This earthquake, not only because of the girl in front of her has that does not meet the age of calm and calm, but also that valuable pursuit of the future.

At the beginning of August, the tour of Chongqing was coming to an end, and the admission results of universities were coming out one after another. Zhou Tuo sat in the Internet bar and played games, accompanying floret to inquire about the results of her voluntary admission. When the bright name of a key university in the East pops up on the screen, Xiaohua exclaims and involuntarily hugs Zhou Tuos arm.

While speaking, they arrived at Nantan road. There are girls waiting at the corner of the street. When they see them, they quickly come forward and take Zhou Tuos arm. Zhou Tuo takes the girls right hand affectionately, turns to Xiaohua and says, let me introduce you. This is my girlfriend and my classmate.

Xiaohua was stunned for a long time, then covered up her gloomy look with a proper smile, politely shook hands with Zhou Tuos girlfriend for a while, and then left in a hurry. Until the floret disappeared in the crowd, Zhou tuocai let go of the girls hand and expressed his gratitude to the other party. Its OK. I dont understand what you mean, but as a classmate, its just a little help. The girl responded politely, saying goodbye and leaving.

The scene of Zhou Tuo moving back to the dormitory is the same as the day when he moved out of the dormitory, resolute and silent.

The roommates were surprised to find that Zhou tuoxiang had changed his personality, taking classes, exercising, going to the library and discussing topics with his teacher. He was a wild boy and became a step-by-step homecoming. The only thing that remains unchanged is that Zhou Tuo still uploads his stories on the platform with few readers. He expected these stories to be seen by a girl in the distance, and implied by these stories that if one day he was really strong, the first place he wanted to go was Qingdao.

That year, Xiaohua once told Zhou Tuo that she adored him fanatically and had traveled thousands of miles to see him because in the dark years of high school, when I read Zhou Tuos warm heart stories, her heart was full of strength.

In fact, Zhou Tuo didnt want to tell Xiaohua that in that significant summer, at his most decadent moment, she came over mountains and mountains, with a positive and optimistic personality to clear away the fog for him, leading him to see the sea of flowers behind life.

From the blue edition of the story club, September 2018