Tips for meeting

 Tips for meeting

The Secretary said, apple polisher, when meeting in the morning, you nod your head diligently!

u2461 Henpecked

Friends a few parties, drink is happy, the eldest brothers wife called, let him go back immediately.

The boss said to everyone, brothers, well get together next time. When I enjoy my wifes youth, I have to accept her willfulness.

After listening, everyone was in a daze. A friend said, you are the only one who can speak so noble about henpecking.

u2462 Delicious

Mother cut a new mushroom head, came home and asked her son: baby, how about moms new hairstyle?

Mother a burst of joy, busy asked: why do you feel delicious?

The son said: ugly mushrooms are delicious, good-looking mushrooms are poisonous!