My son-in-laws husband doesnt allow me to attend the classmate party. Whats wrong with him?

 My son-in-laws husband doesnt allow me to attend the classmate party. Whats wrong with him?

A reader, Fang Chun, told me that her husband was a son-in-law. From love to marriage, and then a few years after marriage, she was very aware of the change in her husbands attitude, even if he was hard spoken and refused to admit it.

And her husband looks more general, and is a 60 point appearance. I just dont know if he is a little inferiority in his bones. I want to find a sense of existence. Now and then, he is too ugly to make complaints about the table.

The more guilty and insecure people, the more they need to prove their confidence through some things.

Occasionally, Fang Chun attends a party initiated by her classmates or friends. Her husband cant help calling to urge her to go home early. She also says that the reunion will affect the harmony of marriage. She accuses Fang Chun of having no concept of home.

Fang Chun has a clear understanding of himself: his appearance is not dominant, which has something to do with his parents heredity, so he cant blame himself.

However, the ability and insight is to rely on their own efforts to accumulate, so she has been committed to improving herself.

Read more, plus good at thinking, Fang Chun has his own principles and opinions in dealing with things, will not be easily affected by others.

As for why they came to see their son-in-law? Because I dont want to go to other cities to develop, I hope that boys can take root in her city.

When I met my husband, I learned that my husbands parents died of illness when he was very young. Fortunately, he was supported by enthusiastic people in the society to finish his studies.

They seem to be the same age, but there is a clear gap in mind. Fang Chuns husband is sensitive, afraid that others will question his ability and think others look down on him.

But Fang Chun feels that if others question her, let others question her. Do yourself well. Why care about other peoples opinions?

If you live well and know what you want, you will not be influenced by others.

After marriage, they agreed to take an examination of civil servants together. Fang Chun prepared for the exam seriously and reviewed in place. He got on the exam for the first time.

But his husband failed two times, the third time under the guidance of Fang Chun, he succeeded in landing and was admitted to Fangchuns next door unit.

Fortunately, it can also be regarded as a good thing. After the two people have stabilized, their income has gradually increased.


After three years of marriage, they had a son, and Fang Chuns husband gradually got the chance of promotion. Others praised her Wangfu and brought the luck of a small family together. She is a blessed person.

Just like the front and back of a coin, others only see the good side, and the bad side is often ignored.

As well as, the son is following his wife Fang Chuns surname, which makes him feel shameless and gives others a son.

With such negative emotions, the two people can not avoid quarreling from time to time, and even Fang Chuns husband will deliberately find fault with her.

When she realized her husbands extreme psychology for the first time, Fang Chun was very afraid and worried that if she went on like this, the two would divorce sooner or later.

But after calming down, she is also thinking: why does the husband have this kind of problem, how should he deal with it? Is it necessary to maintain this marriage?

It was only later that she understood that the economic base decided the superstructure.

My husbands inferiority complex is related to the environment in which he grew up. He lost his parents when he was a child, and he felt the warmth and coldness of human feelings early. In fact, he was eager for someone to come into him, but he was afraid that others would smell out his fragility and lacked a sense of security.

In the long run, even if she is divorced, Fang Chun can support her mother and son on her own.

Many aspects of the combination, the husband will naturally have inferiority complex and sensitive psychology, he can not directly look at his own short board.

After thinking about it, Fang Chun thinks it is necessary to have a frank talk with her husband. If he doesnt change his mind and try hard to improve himself, his marriage will be on the red light.

At the same time, she also told her husband sincerely:

Husband, you have a lot of advantages. You are more delicate and have ideas in your work. This is your advantage. This is what I appreciate about you. You really dont need to feel inferior. Youve always been great. Im proud of you.

I just hope that you can set a good example for your children and be a good father. I also hope that I can be a qualified wife and give you a home to make up for the lack of your childhood

After his words, Fang Chuns husband burst into tears

His wife saw all his frailty and inferiority. She didnt mind his past at all. She wanted to work with him.

He hugged Fang Chun hard and said in her ear, Im sorry, wife. I was too naive before.

Many people feel sad and regret after their failed marriage, but most of them are doomed to the end.

They dont understand the reason for their failure because they pursue the upper hand too much in their marriage, and they want to be reasonable and prove that they are the head of the family.

Family, the most needed, is tolerance and understanding. If the husband and wife have to fight for right and wrong in everything, they will not be able to get the result of family harmony.


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