How did the fake school bully Fu Mei, who fooled Ma Yun and Clinton, get the biggest scam in Silicon Valley

 How did the fake school bully Fu Mei, who fooled Ma Yun and Clinton, get the biggest scam in Silicon Valley

Due to the new crown epidemic, the biggest fraud in the history of Silicon Valley, the case of blood into gold was postponed.

The leading character of the high-profile fraud is the blonde, blue eyed and blonde, who dropped out of Stanford University and claimed to change the worldu2014u2014

The case involves a wide range of issues. The court needs to mobilize 170 witnesses from several States, including 16 elderly witnesses over 65 years old. As a result, court sessions cannot be held during the outbreak

It started in 2003 when a 19-year-old girl claimed she wanted to build a micro machine that could complete 300 blood tests with just one drop of blood.

She wore a black turtleneck like Joes gang leader, claiming that she wanted to be the most paranoid person on earth.

In 2015, Ma Yun and Clinton talked with cheaters at the forum and said they were optimistic about the project. Fortunately, these two just chatted with the swindler, and were not fooled by her to invest or endorse, otherwise it would be ugly

Speaking of this stirring up the storm of blood into gold case, that is called a gas engulfed mountains and rivers, that is called a magnificent.

Kissinger, an old acquaintance of the Chinese people, former defense minister William Perry, former defense minister Matisse, former Senator Sam Nunn, former Secretary of state Schultz and former Wells Fargo CEO Kovacevic formed the strongest board of directors for Elizabeth in history.

Murdoch and Wal Mart have invested hundreds of millions of dollars.

These nearly 100 year old celebrities, whether they were cheated of money or endorsements for swindlers, were all late because of their participation in the Bureau.

William Perry is not only a former Secretary of defense, but also a professor of mathematics at Stanford University. Schultz is not only a former Secretary of state, but also a doctor of MIT. Another former defense secretary, Matisse, is a four-star general. Its strange that there are these people endorsing Elizabeth, and the scam is not overwhelming

If you see here, you may already feel that this vast fraud case is more like the conspiracy of a certain class community.

Interestingly, the boy who exposed the fraud also came from one of the families.

It was Taylor Schultz, a Stanford biology graduate and grandson of former Secretary of state, who reported the fraud scandal.

The junior brother of the third generation of the official not only kicked the court of the third generation of rich students, but also killed his grandfather.

Taylor Schultz, born in 1988, is four years younger than Elizabeth. Both of them studied at Stanford

George Schultz, Taylor Schultzs grandfather, as a member of the board of directors of the swindler company, did not believe Sun Tzus advice. He stood firmly on Elizabeths side. He even helped the swindler company bully and coerce his grandson, forcing his grandson to break up with his family.

Kissinger, Murdoch and Schultz, all of whom have lived in their 90s, have been fooled by a little girl, which is worthy of the name of the biggest miracle in Silicon Valley.

Later, a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, who wrote a long article on the matter, published a book, blood.

It not only refers to the scam around blood examination, but also implies the blood alliance relationship between the upper classes.

I have been to China, I can speak Chinese, I am very tall

Elizabeth Holmes was born in 1984 to a middle-class family in Washington.

Her father was a vice president of Enron and her mother was a member of the congressional committee.

Interestingly, Enron, the worlds largest energy company at that time, was bankrupt and delisted in 2001 due to financial fraud involving $600 million.

It seems that fraud can be passed down from generation to generation.

Since her debut, Elizabeth has been building herself into a business family.

According to her familys old neighbor, the family is adept at drilling and has a strong sense of political direction. Since childhood, she has brought her children to the road of combining politics and business.

Elizabeth claims to be herselfu2014u2014

When I was in high school, I sold my C + + compiler to Chinese schools and got into Stanford with all a scores;

As an undergraduate, he had a monthly research fund of 3000 US dollars. Finally, he decided to quit school and start a business.

Looking at these descriptions, it seems like another Zuckerberg.

Elizabeths mantra is: our biggest weakness is to give up, and the way to succeed is to try again forever

However, said Elizabeths old neighboru2014u2014

When Elizabeth was admitted to university, her parents took some extra measures.

In order to get extra points in the language part, Elizabeth also took Chinese lessons and went to Beijing with Stanford summer camp in high school.

When Elizabeth was 17, Enron was forced out of the market and her father went bankrupt.

Since then, Elizabeths father cant wait to find a chance to turn over.

Two years later, 19-year-old Elizabeth dropped out of Stanford and founded theranos medical equipment company, claiming to be a portable blood test machine free of blood.

She asked the dean of Stanford Institute of engineering to give her endorsement.

Although the famous scholar doubted Elizabeths idea, he was still convinced by her to act as the advisor to Elizabeths board of directors.

As a result, the Dean lost his Stanford teaching post after the scandal came to light.

Elizabeth claims to be able to perform multiple tests with just a drop of blood, and the tests can be done in a box the size of a printer.

In this way, we dont have to take blood for physical examination any more, buy a machine and you can test your own blood.

If Elizabeths idea can be realized, blood testing laboratories all over the world can be shut down.

Not only that, but she also made the business model very emotional in her speechu2014u2014

Getting people to know their health is a foundation

The blood test machine made by Elizabeth is called Edison, just like the printer behind

Elizabeth deliberately called the venture capitalist from China to let him hear her speak a few words of Chinese with the people next to her from time to time.

The investors thought the girl was different.

The super strong board of directors covered theranos with a halo of power and contacts, and investors who heard the news followed.

Of course, some people have always questioned Elizabeths blood test machine.

One is an old neighbor of the Elizabeth family, a psychiatrist with multiple patents.

He said: medicine cant be self-taught. It needs years of formal training and scientific research accumulation. If you are lucky, you can achieve something after 60. I dont believe that a person who has only had two semesters of biology can lead a breakthrough.

Another challenger is Ms. Phyllis, M.D., of Stanford University.

No matter how emotional Elizabeth is, Ms. Phyllis insists that a single drop of blood cant detect a comprehensive health indicator.

Ms. Phyllis said.

Later, HBO made a documentary on the scandal of blood test machine, and Ms. Phyllis, who was on camera, happily took a photo with the poster

The strongest board in history brings the strongest investor in history

With $1.4 billion in financing, Elizabeth opened the luxury model.

She employs 800 people, rents $1 million a month at the companys headquarters, 100000 dollars for a high-end conference table, and bulletproof glass on office windows.

Elizabeth is on a business trip on a private plane, and her bodyguard drives a black Audi for her.

The car also has a nickname comparable to the presidents car: Eagle one.

She is equipped with special security guards, cooks, drivers, assistants, and costs up to $25000 a month.

At the same time, the blood test machine has not made progress.

In order to obtain the largest number of cancer screening machines in the United States in 2013, Elizabeth said.

The mass media has pushed Elizabeth to the altar.

Fortune magazine named her entrepreneur of the year;

Time nominated her as the most influential person;

With a net worth of $4.5 billion, Forbes listed Elizabeth as the new self-made woman in the United States.

This shows how unreliable these financial magazines are.

As mentioned above, Taylor, grandson of former Secretary of state Schultz, worked for Elizabeth after graduation from university. At first, he felt that the project represented the future, but the more he did, the more he felt that it was wrong.

He found that the data of the blood test machine was extremely unreliable, and only a drop of blood could not get a valid report.

The company cajoles volunteers to obtain more plasma for various reasons, and then tests the plasma with traditional methods, and regards the test results as the data generated by the blood test machine.

Elizabeth claims that 95% of her accuracy is pure deception.

Taylor first wrote an internal complaint by email, but was satirized by Elizabeths boyfriend.

On the same day, Taylor resigned.

Taylor then sent an anonymous letter to New York state regulators, and then contacted the Pulitzer Prize winning reporter of the Wall Street Journal.

At the same time, there are colleagues in theranos who adhere to the spirit of science, risking prosecution, and joining Taylors disclosure.

However, old Schultz, who treats Elizabeth more than his grandson, not only ignores Taylors repeated requests to persuade his grandfather to wash his hands, but also invites theranoss lawyer to his home and forces Taylor to sign the restraint agreement to prevent his grandson from exposing the inside story.

At that time, Taylors grandfather Schultz firmly believed that the blood test was provided on the emergency helicopter and in the operating room. Bill Kissingers 30-year-old and Elizabeth Schultzs guests are included in her home in 2014. Kissinger also called Elizabeth a rare business woman in 200 years

Schultz is a legend in his life. He experienced the hot war and cold war, presided over the end of the Bretton Woods system, and at the age of 95, he was worried by his grandson - his untimely life and his reputation was damaged

It angered his grandfather and Elizabeth.

To do so, Taylors parents had to sell the house to raise $400000 in Lawyers fees to get their son out of theranos leak charges.

A few months later, the Wall Street Journal report came out.

When you try to change the world, at first people think youre crazy.

Then, federal agencies raided theranoss laboratory and revoked its operating license.

Elisabeth and her boyfriend were charged with massive fraud, banned from being executives or directors of listed companies for 10 years and facing 20 years in prison.

The media, which had been courting Elizabeth the year before, had also taken a sharp turn.

Fortune listed Elizabeth as the worlds most disappointing leader, while Forbes wiped Elizabeths personal worth from $4.5 billion.

The womens version of Steve Jobs is over.

There is a kind of people who are born without cheating

For the former kind of people, their social radiation energy is amazing, they will never be affected by others, only they can influence others.

They are born to be good at grand narratives. They never feel that they are bragging. They can move themselves to the extent that they believe in them. They cant detect a little bit of hypocrisy with a polygraph.

The judgment and values of ordinary people are more or less influenced by such people.

Elizabeths Ted speech, affectionate and lofty, is changing the world

In the 1990s, there was a man named Mou Zhong, who only recently came out of prison.

At that time, he was able to make a lot of trouble than Jia Yuetings boss. He exchanged several wagons of daily necessities for four Soviet planes.

It was locked up at last.

In fact, sun Zhengyi, jobs and musk all have this tendency.

Its just that theyre successful. Theyre survivors of deviation.

When sun Zhengyi started his business, he had only two employees.

He dares to stand on the iron box to give lectures - 10 billion yen in 5 years and 50 billion yen in 10 years.

As for musk, although everyone praises him for his feelings and sister Yuyan has written several articles praising him, he really dared to ask Mars to colonize when he had no experience in space.

Ten billion yuan in five years, stars in the sea, blood into gold

Lets say that. Can we say it? Dare we speak in front of the world?

But Sun Zhengyi can, musk can and Elizabeth can.

A while ago, Mou Zhongzhi was released, and Lao Fen cried for him to continue to bomb the Himalayas and turn the Qinghai Tibet Plateau into a great cause beyond the Great Wall.

After theranoss deception came to light, Schultz still firmly believed that Elizabeth was right. He still ignored his grandson, Tyler. They didnt talk to each other.

This brain washes thoroughly, brainwashed person is really born divine power.

According to the information disclosed, Elizabeth has a strong confidence that is close to self deception.

Now she faces 12 felony charges, but she insists she is not wrong.

In the last few days of the company, employees resigned in batches, and lawsuits piled up. Elizabeth still held the meeting as if nothing happened, and she took a class for the dog.

Last year, while being investigated, Elizabeth married happily. The groom is the successor of the hotel industry who graduated from MIT.

The mans family is very confused about this matter, do not know what kind of Gu his son is.

Elizabeths only regret is that she failed to convince the reporter who broke the news.

She felt that if the reporters didnt pick it out too early, if they could have more time, she would certainly have changed the world.

There are two reasons why Elizabeth can make so many people believe her

Her body language is deep and slightly strange. For example, she always sits with her legs up like a man;

And lower her voice and speak in a masculine midrange, so many people think her voice is like Zuckerberg.

In the future, when you make presentations and go to negotiations, you can try this skill to see if it can brainwash customers.

Of course, if you want to reach Elizabeths peak, youd better see if you can fool your husband / wife.

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