Mens three natures, womens life can not change, you have met?

 Mens three natures, womens life can not change, you have met?

But if its your nature, please believe that you cant change it for a lifetime.

Mingyi sorted out the letters and found that many female friends confided in such a problem: no matter how hard they tried, they could not change some habits of the man.

Like laziness. Even if you pursue education behind you every day, you will still be the same.

For example, its messy. Even if you force him to do the housework, he still cleans up and litters at the same time.

Such as flower heart. Even if he marries you, he still wants to pick flowers from beautiful women.

Like selfishness. Even if you pay all sincerity, his eyes are still only yourself.

All this, the woman finally frustrated, can not help but ask: Transformation of a man, why so difficult?

Transforming men is every womans dream.

If you fall in love with him, you want him to become the person you love.

However, more hope, more disappointment, often difficult.

So women will question: whether, love the wrong person? Marry the wrong person? Is it not worth it? Is it necessary to continue?

Mingyi believes that even though men and women have gone through 5000 years, they still dont know each other. Social development has expanded our wisdom, but also opened up our repeated and unchangeable nature.

The most difficult nature for a man to change is flower.

Dont believe that he only love you in this life, thats just drunk words when there is no one to see in his eyes. When he gets tired one day, a woman worse than you can become a good product in his eyes.

There is another nature hidden in men, which is selfishness.

Everyone is selfish, women are selfish in the mouth, men are selfish in the heart, even if you can not see, but in his heart, family and relatives, always the first, you are just the mother of the child.

A mans nature that cant be changed all his life is bragging.

He always touts Wu Dalang as XiMenqing. After a long period of blind self-confidence, he becomes a boaster. Although women know that men have this problem, they dont know that boasting is a problem that men cant change all their lives.

Mingyi thinks that one of the most important things a woman wants to do after marriage is to transform men, but she ignores these three unchangeable natures, just as women want to transform mens nature.

Mens three natures, womens life can not change, then, have you met?