Huang Zitao, you are so coquettish!

 Huang Zitao, you are so coquettish!

Denounced yamys boss for disgusting and abandoning other peoples youth.

As the boss of the trainee company, Huang Zitao was not afraid of conflicts of interests at all.

In the public platform with a cavity of blood, brave voice.

Strictly speaking, it is not a smart behavior whether he speaks as a star or as the boss of the company.

But thats how he always behaves: reckless and wild.

It is this true nature that makes him have a number of fans.

Because in Huang Zi Tao, we can see a kind of reality.

During the live broadcast, he would fight chicken blood in front of the camera.

Dont like me if you cant work as hard as I do.

The most exaggerated is that he even looked up to the sky and sighed: I really, I want to fall in love too much.

Sometimes, I really kneel down to him.

Now, he is known as the real Huang Zi Tao.

Seeing this question, I was full of question marks, and a netizen said what I wanted to say.

In front of Huang Zi Tao, no one can be worthy of the whole network black.

Xiao Zhan is not qualified, let alone Wu Yifan and CAI Xukun.

Reason one.

Huang Zitaos black material is unprecedented in both depth and breadth.

In 2015, Sina entertainment wrote a manuscript.

Accuse h of playing big cards in the small fresh meat team.

Ming Ming was late and turned over after being said to be like Huang Bo.

And it was reported that he was asking for guns everywhere.

There are nails on the stick.

Huang Zitao denounced car following behavior on Weibo.

But in terms of wording, he used back to Korea..

We can imagine how serious the situation is when we are caught in the hands of unpatriotic people in China.

Huang Zitao was not only making trouble in China.

According to media reports.

Because Huang Zitao was not invited, he even dared to break into the Versue show.

Fans cant control the comments, and praise is always a mocking comment.

But is that really the case?

In fact, many are misunderstandings, or simply for the sake of traffic and black.

Sinas original manuscript pointed out that CCTVs challenge impossible program group was very dissatisfied with him.

But in the end, CCTVs song Yan, Xu Wenguang and Qin Zirui stood by Huang Zitao one after another.

The so-called big card playing is because Huang Zitaos hair is pink and cant be on TV.

He went to the shower and it took a little time.

After coming back, the reporter was gone.

Whos going to travel with a stick?

If you are not patriotic, it is nonsense.

The scandal was so black that it was even worse.

And Sicongs so-called disclosure, lets be a joke.

A year later, when asked about this, he said it was just a joke

Second reason.

There are essential differences between those who hate Huang Zi Tao and those who hate Xiao Zhan.

Xiao Zhan fans really destroyed many peoples spiritual home.

Take me for example.

Ive never hacked Xiao Zhan, but in my heart Im just against Xiao zhanfens abuse reporting mechanism.

But I didnt expect that one day, I was still affected.

My favorite microblogging blogger Asian African literature bot was forced to withdraw from the Internet.

The reason is that it forwarded a contribution from a netizen.

The original Bo IDs Zan Yi is Xiao Zhans black name.

It is because the BOT of Asian and African Literature does not know this black name, which leads to a big mistake.

Whats this called.

I want to cry without tears, because such a little thing makes a blogger disappear?

Its very common for me to experience this.

What made Huang Zi Tao miserable was that he was bought black material.

The so-called black material is taken out of context.

Huang Zitao became the nourishment of the marketing number, while passers-by followed suit to get more pleasure.

This is the difference between the two.

Huang Zi Tao and his fans have not done anything harmful to nature.

However, many black materials of Huang Zi Tao can refute rumors.

But most people still dont know, and they dont care.

Its still dark.

In the tide of ridiculing Huang Zitao for political correctness, no one can distinguish the direction, just follow the current, and do not need to see the truth.

This year, Cai Xukun renewed the audiences understanding of him with a joke.

After that, he successfully went to the black through variety shows such as youth has you 2 and run it.

Then take part in the variety show to show you some cute things you dont have on rap.

Finally, like Cai Xukun, he succeeded in eliminating the black through self blacking.

Stars use self black to wash white, which is a well tried public relations means.

But for Huang Zitaos washing white, it is not comprehensive to use self black to describe it.

Black powder is keen on making expression bags for him. Laugh at him.

He simply accepted, to black powder to guide the direction of the material library.

Go on, son. In real man, theres something you want.

Its a joke.

But he was flattered by his upright character.

The instructor asked him to catch the chicken. He was tortured to the point of collapse by the chicken.

Because I was too counselled, I lost my temper to the chicken and hid my embarrassment.

Were going to assemble, but we havent finished our meal.

Im so hungry. What should I do?

Put aside the burden of idols, and take more before leaving.

When the drillmaster punished him for eating dirt.

He did bite.

The real man became Huang Zi Taos masterpiece.

Because you really havent seen such a star.

He asked Wang Yanlin to hold Zhou Dongyu high.

Later, Wang Yanlin easily lifted Zhou Dongyu.

I didnt expect that Huang Zi Tao really

Huang Zi Tao always gives people a feeling of real.

Its not a sense of variety. commented on him

There are a lot of stars, and few of them are true self, and even fewer are self-made like Huang Zitao Huang Zi Tao is a unique phenomenon in the entertainment industry.

He doesnt pretend.

He described himself as charming and handsome singer + powerful actor Huang Zitao.

When people say hes charming, hell come back, I know.

He loves to be black, too.

When he speaks for micro vision, he often records videos of elf special effects.

People say he has no works, nothing.

He said, I not only have eyeliner, but also many people who curse me, black people, and I have written some songs. I hope you can listen to them.

Perhaps for Huang Zitao, being reveled in black powder might not be a bad thing.

Because it has a lot of attention for a long time.

Finally, with his upright character and sand sculpture temperament, he successfully collected his attention.

Its easy to get very popular.

They all come to collect emoticon pack material, and then fight in the Internet world.

I didnt expect it was black, right? Why is it powdered.

Anyway, this idiot is interesting.

In any case, Huang Zi Tao was serious. Regardless of the object.

Dislike he Jiong: why dont you even know this?

Jackie Ho: be quiet for a while.

Say to Zhu Yawen: you dont nag.

He said Xiao Shenyang was ugly.

Although it is impossible to use a standard to measure true temperament and low Eq.

But looking at his industry evaluation, we can get the answer from the side.

He has a very good reputation in the circle.

He said he worked very hard.

Zhu Yawen hopes to have such a brother.

Xiao Shenyang likes him very much.

Pan Weibo also praised him for being cute.

When he participated in this is the street dance, Yang Wenhao, as the king of popping dance, almost used his life to protect Huang Zitao.

I want to protect him so that he can become the happy Huang Zi Tao.

People like to get along with people like this very much.

Because it wont be very tired.

He is very sincere.

In the film young you, he saw Zhou Dongyu being bullied and was very angry.

Call Zhou Dongyu, with a cry, said: I want to dry those who bully you.

Its hard for such a Huang Zi Tao not to be loved.

Huang Zi Tao knew that he had been black all the time.

So hes working hard in silence.

Prove yourself with action.

When I went to Taiwan to film, I was covered with injuries.

Dont send friends to sell miserably, dont send micro blog to sympathize.

Just save the photos in the mobile phone and tell yourself: boys are going to have to suffer!

Huang Zi Tao insisted that no double was needed.

Its 18 degrees below zero with chickenpox. You cant scratch your face.

Unable to restrain his inner pain, he couldnt help crying and said to Jackie Chan:

Woo woo woo, Im really in pain.

But once the director says: ready ~

He went into acting immediately.

The director said: card ~

He began to cry again.

In spite of this, he didnt flinch and seriously completed his work.

Time passed, and he came.

It is no longer the Dharma (black name) of the storm.

Later, he said humbly, no one scolds me. Im not used to it.

I have weathered the wind and waves. Dont forget to encourage the fans to say, I insist. You have to be strong.

Character and appearance are just bonus points, not the basis of entertainment.

But it doesnt matter.

Since all did not fall down in that dark tunnel, still afraid not to see the blue sky?

I hope he can continue to be cheap to be powerless, Sao to move himself

Author: Tu Lu