After breaking up, can you really become a friend?

 After breaking up, can you really become a friend?

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Can you still be friends after breaking up?

With my object is long-distance love and online love, before the friends of friends to know, slowly came together.

But because of the particularity of his profession, it is very difficult for us to meet. We have been talking about it for more than a year.

Im in Sichuan and hes in Chongqing. He came to see me some time ago. By the way, his family didnt want him to come to my side. When he went back, he told me about it.

I dont understand why the things I said before should change now. I asked him to ask his parents again,

If we dont agree, we have to be friends. But can we still be friends after breaking up?

I dont think I can.


Marriage is such a big thing. Many times its impossible to fall in love. A word really determines the future.

Maybe he was sincere when he promised you. Maybe at that time he thought his parents would not influence his life.

For example, from another angle, you promised to marry far away, even if your parents agreed at the beginning,

But then my parents changed their minds and refused to let you live or die. Can you really fight against your parents and vow to marry far away?

Even if I cut off my parents from now on?

Of course, Im not trying to make an excuse for his dishonesty. Its just that plans cant keep up with changes is a common occurrence.

I dont think its impossible to be friends if we can separate our hands. But at best, we should be friends who are so common that we can hardly disturb each other for the rest of our lives.

If you want to be a good friend, especially a close friend, this idea is not practical. If you can really do it after love, then you can become a bosom friend? Diaphragmatic response?

Since it is not because of no love and break up, that shows that love must still be hidden in some corner of the heart.

In the name of a friend, Im always connected. Who can guarantee that I wont be impulsive one day? After all, Ive been together.

Especially for the future spouse, how can you convince them,

Therefore, love but not the feelings, separated, there is no need to be friends, may not delete each others wechat, but from now on do not disturb each other.