One night stand developed into the love between brothers and sisters. The impulsive choice finally failed to the reality!

 One night stand developed into the love between brothers and sisters. The impulsive choice finally failed to the reality!

Ms. Zhong: he told me that he was a student, and he sincerely asked me out to open a room

Ms. Zhong is from Shanghai. Two years ago, that is, in the summer of 2018, she came to Yangzhou to visit her relatives. She met a boy on her mobile phone dating software. In the face of her enthusiastic invitation, Ms. Zhong said that she could come out and meet her first.

Ms. Zhong: he was a student. He was a sophomore. How old was he then? Did he know how old you were? Did he know how old you were? 37

One is 19, the other is 37. The difference between the two is 18 years old. Ms. Zhong said that I was confused at that time. I thought that I would never see each other again, so I had the so-called one night stand.

After that, although they added wechat, they did not contact each other very much. Until around November 2018, they occasionally started chatting on wechat. Chatting and chatting, the man pursued Ms. Zhong.

Ms. Zhong: he began to chase me. He wanted to develop into a boyfriend and girlfriend with you. He told me that he couldnt be at this age. Anyway, he was very sincere. How sincere was that he wanted to protect me? I said that you were too young to take responsibility. He said that age did not mean anything. Later, he would chase me wherever I went on business

Although Ms. Zhong divorced for many years, she has always been single. In the face of her sudden pursuit, she still failed to resist and agreed. In this way, a sister-in-law love with a difference of 18 years old began.

After all, the difference is 18 years old. Ms. Zhong did not think much about their future, but she said that her little boyfriends suggestion made her suddenly realize that this man is very mature.

Ms. Zhong: he has been proposing to marry me. I said that even if you are not old enough, the male marriage age is 22. I said that you are not old enough. He always discussed with me whether we can have a child. That is to say, the two parents will not agree with the big age difference. That is to say, if you are pregnant, you should force the elders to agree to this proposal Yes, thats right

In this way, in order to be together with her beloved boyfriend forever, Ms. Zhong got pregnant in April 2019

At the same time as the development of the TV drama plot, the dog blood affair also followed. Ms. Zhong found that the little boy friend began to be more and more busy, too busy to say a few words a day. Just when Ms. Zhong was nervous, her little boyfriend broke up with her. Since she wanted to break up, the child in her stomach was bound to be unable to keep it. In this way, the child was also very bad, and the love between the two people came to an end.

Although they broke up, but now there are so many ways of communication, the two people are still connected. Intermittently, until the beginning of this year, Ms. Zhong suddenly found that her wechat was hacked and she didnt answer the phone. At this time, Ms. Zhong was flustered. Seeing her little boyfriend determined to cut off from her, Ms. Zhong still couldnt accept it. She thought that in the past two years, I would pay for you somehow Time, money, but also miscarriage of a child, now you want to break up, I cant sleep every day, the collapse of depression.

Ms. Zhong: no one has been answering the phone. Did you get black or shut down? This is always the case

This time, Ms. Zhong came to Yangzhou and hoped that her little boyfriend could tell her clearly about it. She had found her boyfriends home many times, but she couldnt find anyone else.

Ms. Zhong: I hope you can come forward and solve my problems. Dont throw these problems to your mother, to me and to two women to deal with them. If you dont stand up today, will you always be so irresponsible in the future

Because we cant get in touch with the man, we cant make a judgment on whether or not what Ms. Zhong said is true or not. However, we should be responsible for a relationship. No matter how we were together at the beginning, since we have already reached the end, we should get together and let go. Since the relationship is wrong, we should recognize whether it is appropriate to meet again. After all, marriage is Serious things, the difference of 18 years, although said that true love regardless of age, but confused together, also indicates that there will not be a good ending ah!