Fresh and good books | the master of foreign literature who can write stories gives you a different reading experience

 Fresh and good books | the master of foreign literature who can write stories gives you a different reading experience

A total of 10 volumes of masterpieces appreciation series, selected from the foreign literature story appreciation column of Story Club magazine over the years. It can be said that it is a gathering of famous experts, with bright stars.

Three Highlights

1. Super classic

Classic masterpieces are classic, authoritative and enduring works. They describe the values and morality needed by the society, analyze the beauty and fragility of human nature, and explore the future prospects and possibilities of human beings.

Famous works appreciation series, a collection of the most wonderful stories written by literary masters. Whether its suspense stories, warm stories, science fiction stories, adventure stories As long as you can think of it, you can find it in this set of books.

2. Super easy to read

The compilation of masterpieces, after story rewriting, can be read in 10 minutes. Why do you do this? Foreign novels often involve more complex social background, character relationship and ideological connotation. The reading threshold is high. After story rewriting, the novel narration is transformed into a popular story, presenting the core plot and theme of the novel. It is easy to read and satisfy your desire to quickly understand the classic works.

3. Super inspiration

In todays fragmented knowledge, it is necessary to enrich ones inner world by getting close to classics, which can not only broaden the horizon, but also experience the pleasure of reading. Why not?

In front of each work, there are two small units of introduction: small dictionary or micro class, which provide readers with a knowledgeable, interesting and enlightening reading atmosphere, so as to obtain the expanded content beyond the story.

After reading, if the readers are interested in other works of famous writers, they can follow the clues provided in the micro class to read the original works of writers step by step, and appreciate the beauty of literary masterpieces.

A glimpse of a masterpiece

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Reading classics is good for reading.

These carefully selected foreign short stories, like shining stars, become the reason why you fall in love with foreign literature!

Xiaobian cant wait to enjoy the masterpiece!

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