A poem with two beauties: a hidden poem for he Sanpo

 A poem with two beauties: a hidden poem for he Sanpo

Flowers are in full bloom on the slope

You sit in the flowers

Its fairies that come to the world

Beautiful grass in vain, swaying at night

In the moonlight

Light shines on the world

Two grey magpies, jumping on the branches

The beauties are dancing under the window

Joy surrounds me

You see a Begonia blossom

Where to find wisdom, follow the three slopes

The sunshine of March is scattered on the quiet world

The dark town on the slope is bright in an instant

I started from Beijing and got on the train for Nanjing

To love the twelfth house

You said that the movie is your dream, can let you

Fly to the paradise of Art

Fly to your cancer

In Yongye, a dragon from Guizhou sings a fantastic Lisao

In the distance, free Chiang Mai calls for two dragons

He Sanpos works mentioned in the poem:

Collection of poems: grey magpie, futile grass

Script collection: Twelve palaces of love, dark Town, train to Nanjing, Lisao

Translation: night boat