Hangzhou killed woman husband suspected to be veterans home

 Hangzhou killed woman husband suspected to be veterans home

Hangzhou missing woman killed: community security denies that her husband worked in a property company and suspected to be a soldier (source: video synthesis)

At about 21 oclock that evening, the reporter came to the north gate of the community, where many residents gathered to talk about it. In the septic tank near the No. 4 Building of the community, the manure suction trucks and sewage suction trucks that work in the daytime have all left, leaving only some woven bags for enclosure. During the daytime, the reporter found that the police suspected to have found related articles in the septic tank when he was crouching in the community.

The No.4 building of Lais community is close to the east gate. At the elevator entrance of the building, there is a garbage classification and evaluation column in each month of this year. The reporter saw that there were two stars in April, one star in May and no star in June, which formed a sharp contrast with other neighbors. In the elevator of the community, there are still notices of missing lady Lai. The reporter learned that after lady Lai disappeared, new cameras were installed in each floor of the community property. On the 8th floor, there are community workers and plainclothes police on duty. After the police report, the eldest daughter of the lady came back home, and then left. At present, there is no one at home, and her little daughter doesnt know where she is. A community worker on duty told reporters.

According to the Hangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, the case is under full investigation. The public security organ will hold a press conference in the near future according to the progress of the investigation and handling of the case to inform the relevant cases in time. Public network u00b7 poster journalists will continue to pay attention to it.

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After the police reported the missing woman case in Hangzhou, there was a live webcast at the gate of the community

At 10 oclock last night, after Hangzhou police reported the missing woman case, the reporter came to Sanbao Beiyuan again. At the gate of the community, there was a live webcast. The security guard of the community said that those who came from other places to live in Hangzhou could not be allowed to enter the community. There are many residents in the community watching. The area where the manure truck was used earlier has been enclosed and separated with plastic cloth. Then the reporter came to the 4 buildings where the accident happened again. The door of the unit building was unattended. There was still a notice for looking for someone in the elevator, but there was someone on duty at the door of Ms. Lais house.

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After Hangzhou police reported the womans missing case, live webcast appeared at the gate of the community (source: video synthesis)

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }Hangzhou womans residence is only 50 meters away from the septic tank. Family members cry over the well cover of the Hangzhou womans murder case: detailed investigation of the septic tank flushing, taking photos, packing and picking up the items suspected to have been sucked into the septic tank in Hangzhou womens community_ NN9005