Who did the goddesses who pursued in those years marry

 Who did the goddesses who pursued in those years marry

Of course, these are some jokes about the flying time. What really strikes your soul and murders your youth is to see that the campus goddess that he pursued for a long time ended up in other peoples hands.

Perhaps every boys youth, there is a shining girl, such a goddess is also an indispensable character in youth films.

Who did the goddesses who had been chased marry?

In school, you can brush past the goddess in fancy style, but after graduation, you can only harvest the goddess from the circle of friends.

Suddenly one day, the goddess sent a circle of friends: for the rest of your life, please give me more advice. The picture is a fresh marriage certificate. But you wonder how all the beautiful girls in the circle of friends have married the ugly men.

In the same way, the goddess in the film and TV drama either married a down-to-earth good man in a hurry, or chose a big five and a rough diamond. Let the goddess lack something, as if to give our youth an account.

Shen Jiayi filter makes Chen Yanxi a dream of many male fans

In those years, Ke Jingteng and his four cronies all like Shen Jiayi, the best student in his class. They pursue Shen Jiayi in style. But in the end, Shen Jiayi married a mature and steady man.

In Charlottes trouble, the screenwriter directly married qiuya to the fat headed ugly man.

Beautiful women marry ugly men, it seems to give Charlotte a chance to save the goddess

Shen Tengs new micro film Shen Lang Si Wei also staged a story of flowers in cow dung.

Shen Teng plays Shen Lang, who unremittingly admires and pursues the goddess Siwei for three years. She plans to graduate from university in 2004

In 2012, Shen Lang bought an electric car with his savings. He not only failed to catch up with him, but also had an accident

In 2017, the tenacious Shen Lang drives an electric wheelchair and wants to continue thinking about Wei, but Siwei doesnt see him at all

In 2020, Shen Lang bought the same model of Siweis car, and finally caught up with Siwei, ready to ask the question that she didnt ask about 16 years ago.

Finally, the campus goddess, Siwei, was successfully chased by the silly boy Shen Lang. Flowers on cow dung seems to be a plot that people cant get tired of.

In reality, there are always some people who think that girls with good conditions may have too high vision, and eventually become leftover women. If they miss the right object, they can only make do with it.

However, there is no professional survey data to support this hypothesis. Most people end up matching people who are close to themselves.

Economic and social classes are similar, even if you work in the same building and live next door to your apartment, the communication cost will be reduced, the exposure effect will be increased, and the favor may be increased [2].

Some scholars have investigated 1216 married young people in five major cities in China, and found that it is easier to combine them with similar educational background and urban and rural background. Moreover, the higher the social status of the occupation, or the relatively low social status of the occupation, the proportion of internal marriage is higher [3].

Secondly, people with similar values are more likely to be together. There is a simple and direct correlation between similarity and attraction: the more similar, the more like. People are even more likely to marry people with the same initials.

In real life, the goddess will not easily plug into the cow dung, and the story of the poor boy marrying a rich family does not often happen.

Siwei, who opened CR-V as soon as she graduated, probably wont wait for Shen Lang, who has been struggling for 16 years to open CR-V, to chase her.

How far is the ordinary boy in youth from the goddess

In fact, the goddess in the movie is not the real protagonist. The ordinary boys in youth are the reason to move us.

But the ordinary boy depicted in the film and TV series actually adds a layer of youth filter.

In the film, although these ordinary boys are a galaxy away from the goddess, they are still strong in their hearts and are always around the goddess.

All the boys around Shen Jiayi are flower protectors. Charlotte goes back to high school and sings to qiuya, and finally makes qiuya fall in love with herself.

In the TV series, I was punished with the goddess. But in reality, you may only be punished

What makes these boys desperate for love?

Psychologists at the University of Florida have found that after watching romantic love movies, many men will think that they are fans, and that beautiful women will be attracted to them, which will stimulate a strong motivation to choose a mate.

Moreover, male students think that intimate friendship is more likely to come from intimate friends of the opposite sex.

So when a smile can be interpreted as she may be hinting at me, its not surprising that men are more likely to fall in love than women.

One of the three human illusions: TA likes me

While love at first sight has a high probability of looking at the face, for the beautiful opposite sex, mens willingness to become lovers is significantly higher than that of women [6].

But in reality, the goddess is not you at the same table. Across a hundred and eight thousand miles, ordinary boys can only greedy for the goddesss face and begin to love alone.

Moreover, girls of the same age will think that boys of the same age are impulsive and childish. So when Ke Jingteng held a boxing match to prove herself, Shen Jiayi was distressed but cried out Ke Jingteng, you are really naive and left.

Therefore, do not be too aggrieved, the goddess may just regard you as a smelly brother.

Xu Taiyus pursuit of Tao Minmin may seem romantic to him, but in the eyes of goddess, it may be stupid and explosive

In reality, ordinary boys are not as big hearted as they are in movies, but they have done a lot of stupid things. Careful, often sad, is the true portrayal of our youth.

Straight man of science and engineering gave his car to the goddess;

Wrote a love letter, found sent to the wrong address;

Made an ugly girl with super light clay and gave it to the goddess;

In the micro film Shen Langs Siwei, Shen Lang is such a silly boy. No matter what setbacks and blows he suffered, he always held his unyielding head high and admired Siwei for three years.

Shen Teng, who is not Youth at all, has a unique sense of youth every time he puts on his school uniform. In Charlottes troubles, Charlotte crosses back to the campus and reaches the peak of his life. We may all have fantasized about it.

At the beginning of Miss Wei of Shen Lang, Siwei narrates: the reason why youth is beautiful is because of the regret that can not be recovered.

But the lyric of the story stops here. The later stories use happiness, laughter and reversal to dispel many helpless things in life, which can make the film unconventional.

Think about it. After all, the goddesss marriage is just the beginning. Next, you will watch her wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy and baby rearing in the circle of friends

Between ordinary boys and goddesses, it is actually a circle of friends.

Company is the longest confession

That ordinary boy, do you still have a chance?

yes , we have. Putting aside external factors such as social status and economic conditions, taking time is also an approach.

In the study of evolutionary psychologist David bass, he selected 100 women and asked them to choose the most useful behavior of their husbands. Among them, company time (including frequent phone calls, dating, sending messages, etc.) was considered to be very effective, with a score of 5.48 (out of 7) [7].

It is not a dream to pursue the goddess.

But why is it so rare to find a goddess in reality?

Some girls even find that boys give up when they catch up with half, and they almost succeed. Most girls need a few months to confirm that love is mutual. Men, on the other hand, think a few weeks is enough.

The goddess in the campus naturally attracts many eyes. Every boy thinks he has a play

Who will be the first to move in love? u2014u2014171 heterosexuals (72 males and 99 females) gave their answers, and nearly 90% of the participants thought that they would be girls. However, the actual survey data showed that boys were often the one who determined love more quickly [8].

So when Shen Lang has been chasing Siwei for 16 years, it doesnt matter what questions she asks. Although Siwei is angry, their hearts are already interlinked.

Siwei has been driving CR-V for 16 years. It has accompanied Shen Langs love long-distance running and Dongfeng Honda CR-V for many years.

The micro film Shen Lang Si Wei is the propaganda film of Dongfeng Honda CR-V new car. Different from the previous complex new car release conferences, Dongfeng Honda CR-V combines happy Mahua and adopts the form of micro film to skillfully integrate the new car into the story.

Insert video

In 2004, Dongfeng Honda CR-V entered China. Shen Langs pursuit equipment has experienced scooters, electric vehicles, wheelchairs and CR-V, which is also the process of innovation and upgrading of Dongfeng Honda CR-V to meet the needs of consumers.

This kind of consistent company is not easy. Every user will fall in love and get married. CR-V can meet the needs of various scenarios.

Smooth body lines, fashionable sports, more fashionable and more energetic

CR-V can also fully meet the pursuit of the sense of science and technology of car owners. ACL active steering lighting system, LWC blind spot display system, mvcs360 u00b0 panoramic image system, CTM rear view dynamic warning system, etc., increase the sense of technology and sense of security.

RDM lane offset suppression system. Active safety technology to build a comprehensive safety auxiliary system

When you have a family and children, CR-V will be more suitable for you. Spacious and comfortable seats, large space, reliable safety system, bring a better experience to the family.

As long as you pay attention to the economical and durable CR-V, you will find that many people are using / network screenshots

The smaller, more efficient and more stable third generation i-mmd hybrid system can let you enjoy the driving pleasure and the perfect experience of low fuel consumption.

Large space, spacious and comfortable

The person you love for a long time, will become the footnotes of your youth, and the happiness of life may be the person who has been guarding around all the time. Fortunately, you havent missed it.


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