American Airlines passenger refused to wear a mask and was driven off the plane. Other passengers applauded

 American Airlines passenger refused to wear a mask and was driven off the plane. Other passengers applauded

Jordan Slade, a passenger from North Carolina, filmed the woman.

In the video, two airline employees wearing masks wait for the woman to collect her three large bags in order to escort them out.

When the woman packed up and was ready to get off the plane, the passengers clapped and cheered. The woman turned and said, if you want to clap, please clap.

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A woman in the United States was kicked off the plane without a mask? Other passengers applauded and cheered (source: ~)

Slade told the daily mail that the woman first asked to board the plane and then began to call. When the stewardess asked her to stop using the phone, she argued with the stewardess again.

Her refusal to wear a mask puts other passengers at risk, Slade said. Some passengers even had a dispute with them.

The woman argued with other passengers on board and refused to wear a mask. Due to the delay, when the woman was driven off the plane, the flight had to return to the airport to refuel.

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US media: send the infected people to the repatriation plane, the United States deliberately exports the new coronavirus

The New York Times published a report entitled why does the United States export new coronavirus? u300bThe U.S. governments behavior of repatriating immigrants during the epidemic period has put great pressure on epidemic prevention and control in some countries.

Overseas network, June 23, the New York Times published an article entitled why the United States exports new coronavirus? u300bThe U.S. government criticized the U.S. governments behavior of repatriating immigrants during the epidemic period, which has caused great pressure on the epidemic prevention and control of some countries. However, the flight of the United States has not been grounded.

According to the editorial, on March 21, this year, the trump administration announced that in order to protect the United States from the impact of foreign epidemic, it would extend the measures to limit the entry of foreigners to the United States indefinitely, and those refugees who illegally entered the United States would also be repatriated directly.

In an editorial, the New York Times pointed out that the United States, with the worlds largest number of confirmed cases, is now consciously spreading the epidemic abroad, expelling thousands of immigrants, many of them infected with the new coronavirus, to countries that lack the capacity to deal with the disease. On the other hand, Trump and his senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, have been oblivious to questions and criticisms from the outside world. This is not only inhumane and cruel, but also a deliberate attempt to export the epidemic situation in the United States.

Information map (Associated Press)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was also cited as an example. At the end of April this year, Guatemala government had said that 1/5 of the new crown pneumonia cases in the country were from the repatriated refugees in the United States, of which 76 of the 76 people were infected with a flight to the United States. When the Guatemalan government said it would suspend the acceptance of deportation flights, the US government threatened to punish the countries that refused or delayed the acceptance of deportees. As a result, these repatriation flights are still in operation.

At the same time, the returning immigrants have become the target of public criticism, and they are threatened and violent by the people of the host country. Other countries receiving deported migrants have similar situations. In response, the Democratic Party of the judicial committee of the United States Senate sent a letter in April accusing the Department of Homeland Security of taking advantage of the epidemic, which is in clear violation of existing federal laws. On May 13, including the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for human rights and the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, they also called on governments to suspend mandatory repatriation during the epidemic, believing that deportation would bring serious harm to everyone Health risks.

The editorial also points out, for example, that the former president of the United States, Bill Clinton, had the same behavior as the trump administration in the 1990s. At that time, the Clinton Administrations decision to dispatch the triad elements in the United States to El Salvador, a central and North American country, brought many violence problems to the country, and also led to the influx of refugees from the country into the United States.

Finally, the editorial also called on the U.S. Congress, courts and other parties to act as soon as possible, continue to seek an end to the dangerous deportation action of the trump administration, and expose that its immigration policy is a violation of American values.

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