Gates responds to the conspiracy theory of Internet cult: hope these things will subside

 Gates responds to the conspiracy theory of Internet cult: hope these things will subside

CNN23 said in a novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic on the same day, Bill Gate was asked about the QAnon organization and the conspiracy theory on the Internet. CNN

Conspiracy theory news is highly inflammatory on social media, and in this pandemic, when people are uncertain about some information, they prefer simpler explanations. There are millions of such news every day, and people like Dr. forge and I are targeted, Bill Gates said. so, I hope that these conspiracy theories will subside. These [conspiracy theory] numbers are really shocking

According to CNN, qanon initially preached a single conspiracy theory, in which dozens of American politicians, business tycoons and celebrities worked with governments around the world to participate in child sexual abuse. Followers also believe that there is a deep government in the United States trying to eliminate trump. Now the groups members have expanded from these beliefs, spreading conspiracy theories about mass shootings and elections, and claiming that 5g networks are spreading the new coronavirus. CNN said qanon is now more like an Internet cult, and followers will basically believe any false information made by the conspiracy.

More than 7000 qanon related accounts have been blocked for violating platform rules in the past few weeks, NBC reported on the 22nd. Twitter will stop recommending accounts and content related to qanon, restrict its message presentation in trends and search, and block the sharing of qanon related websites on twitter, which will affect 150000 accounts.

Source: global network editor: Qiao JunJing_ NBJ11279