What do girls do for the first time

 What do girls do for the first time


I feel early to give the first time to a person who is not very like, it is really sad, because you are reluctant to give half hearted.

@Lin Jia Ying

The most regretful decision I ever made was to stay in a city for three years, and finally fell empty. That kind of feeling is originally intended to ride a horse to fight the sword to travel all over the world. On the way, someone said that he wanted to allow you to live forever. So you believed it. When you became a sword and sold your horse, you turned around and saw no one. After three years together, he broke up less than half a year ago. He fell in love. Today, I heard that he gave a diamond ring to a girl and was going to get married at the end of the year. Some people say that the most disrespectful to a relationship is to fall in love soon. Yes, I feel that his behavior seems to laugh at my three-year sincerity.


The most regretful thing may be marriage. If you choose a person who only knows him for a few months to get married, he thinks that blind election will not be so bad. As a result, his life may be ruined.

I had a child in a hurry. Because I was too young to understand anything, I thought that I would never be pregnant again after abortion. I asked for a child under impulse and fear. I chose the wrong marriage, which led to the unfortunate marriage, the unhappy life after marriage and the relationship between husband and wife. Now the child is two years old, and it is too late to repent.

@Tang Xiaotang

There are many things to regret in ones life. However, there is no medicine for regret. The most regretful thing may be to get married. I thought I could find someone to shelter from the wind and rain, but who knows the wind and rain is all brought by him. My marriage experience has made me grow up rapidly, and I have seen through the worlds coldness and warmth. I have never felt the same experience. So there is no need to regret, because regret is useless.

@Xu Yan

I regret that I didnt open my mouth to tell you that day, I was afraid that I would go earlier than you. I want to see you again and let you accompany me to the hospital, because Im really timid. But I didnt expect that you would not give me a chance. Would you like to compete with me for this one!!! You wake up for me!!!


Regret not to love him, even break up can not listen to him face to face, separated 90 days, I still love him.

Regret getting married and having children.


Regret not to fall in love with the age, a good talk, let their unforgettable love.

@Dragon roar

@Hu Ting

In this life, I may be sorry for the child. He was young and ignorant, and felt that he really found the right person for that lifetime. In the end, I still lost. I wanted to keep him, but I was not strong enough at that time. I couldnt give him a complete family. Im sorry that I didnt have a responsible father. If I could meet again in this life, I would use myself For a new life.

@A xichengnan~


What I regret most is the regret in my life. After I realized this regret, I became more hurt. I also regret meeting him and living like a devil for three months.


@ foam Xin

What I regret most is that I choose marriage when I dont know love, especially I regret marrying him. But the last thing I regret is having my child.

@Rio drinking dog

Regret for him to put forward whether to try together, for the first to give up my people, I do not want. If not, why promise me again? If not, why treat me well? If you cant, why do you say you like me so much? I regret, regret to like a person who gave up me, but I still like it so much, little Beijie, what should I do, forget him, and make myself in a better mood

(A: time and a new party make you forget someone

@Liu is thinner

On this trip, I must remind my sisters that there are so many sufferings in the world that we should be careful when we go down to earth.

This is what I regret most


One year, he got angry with his family. He threw away his phone card and ran away from home. When he got home, his grandmother was gone.



I thought it was love and decided to go with someone who shouldnt be together for 7 years, from 20 to 27 years old Later, I found that I was just unwilling, which led me to make a lot of wrong decisions in my feelings, and everything has a cause and a result. Now I am digesting the bitter fruit I buried for myself. The best seven years of my youth are wasted.

@Son is not a fish


I dont know how to be nice to a person when Im with my first love.


I put my homework to the last night every holiday.

Damn it, Im going to cry

No, Ive been crying


One of the things I regret most is to push the girl I love farther and further. Some people want to ask, if so love her, why push her away? At that moment, I was sad, personally will love each other two people separate, that kind of feeling is worse than death. I thought I would be for the family, but the result of the girl really left, I found that the original person should be selfish, should live for themselves, pursue their love, pursue what they want, you are happy, the family will be really happy.


So far, the biggest regret is being with my ex boyfriend. Because its not worth it, and it shouldnt start.

Finally, I would like to tell you: do what you think in your heart, and go after the person you want in your heart. Life is never so many ifs and assumptions. There are many decisions that make you regret. I hope love him is the last one you regret.