Zhongtong Express back to use dummy as security inspector: self inspection and self correction

 Zhongtong Express back to use dummy as security inspector: self inspection and self correction

In response to this situation, Zhongdao Beijing Business Daily reporter said that the incident exposed Zhongtongs serious loopholes in the safety management of online stores. It will conduct in-depth self-examination and self-correction, comprehensively strengthen and standardize the online store management.

It is reported that Zhongtong express Henan provincial management center has asked Luyi County express outlets to stop business on July 20. In addition, Zhongtong will carry out a week-long training in Henan Province on the inspection and rectification of potential safety hazards and delivery safety.

In response to the above incident, Zhoukou postal administration explained that it was true that Luyi County Jietong Express Service Co., Ltd. used dummy as security inspector to carry out machine security inspection after consulting the video monitoring data of enterprise sorting and processing sites and asking the informant, the person in charge of the enterprise and the staff on duty. In view of the issue of illegal secondary charges of grass-roots outlets, after visiting 7 Express outlets in 2 towns and townships of Luyi County, asking the person in charge of the outlets, visiting consumers, reading the charging bills and random telephone follow-up, no terminal secondary charging problem has been found.

According to the postal law, the Anti Terrorism Law and other relevant laws and regulations, Zhoukou Postal Administration Bureau said that it had delivered the notification of administrative punishment opinions to Luyi Jietong Express Service Co., Ltd. on July 21.

In response to the incident, Zhongtong issued a statement saying that it fully respected the punishment decision of the postal administration and demanded that the express outlets in Luyi County, Henan Province, resolutely implement the decision. At the same time, Luyi County express outlets have been closed. During the closing period, we will do a good job in the customer service of Zhongtong in Luyi County according to the requirements of the postal administration department, and Zhongtong express Henan provincial management center will properly arrange the work of front-line staff of relevant outlets.

On the evening of July 19, according to relevant media reports, nine Township network heads of Zhongtong express in Luyi County jointly reported that LV, the head of the first level outlets of Zhongtong express in Luyi County, had been acting as a security inspector with a dummy for several months.

In addition, the joint complaint letter also pointed out that Zhongtong Expresss Luyi first-class outlets did not pay fees to township outlets, and connived at secondary collection of distribution fees, which seriously damaged the interests of customers. At the same time, Lu forced 19 villages and towns to sign a third-party service agreement with good convenience Service Co., Ltd. In a poster picture of good convenience Service Co., Ltd. taken by the person in charge of the township network, the information shows that the company is scheduled to start collecting delivery service fee on April 13, 2 yuan per ticket, please actively cooperate and consciously abide by it..

A senior logistics expert told the Beijing Commercial Daily that Zhongtongs use of dummy as a security inspector not only violates the states requirements for express delivery safety, but also does great harm to the companys image. At present, franchise express enterprises are facing management changes. The larger the scale of enterprises, the more need to improve the management level. At the same time, technical means can be used to supervise the operation scene and situation of terminal outlets.

Source: Qiao JunJing, editor in charge of Beijing Business Daily_ NBJ11279