Baby shows cartoon legs in a one-piece swimsuit with fine lines on the tail of his eyes

 Baby shows cartoon legs in a one-piece swimsuit with fine lines on the tail of his eyes

Babys safety precautions for the first attempt to surf were in place. With the life jacket wrapped and the traction rope tightly pulled, there was a kind of panic stricken atmosphere across the screen. The whole body white to unreal skin is particularly eye-catching, say is smooth milk muscle also just so.

Slender and straight legs absolutely hang a female star, high ball head of baby from the beginning of unskilled to surf alone, she quickly put the whole picture style into a very beautiful picture. Is slowly rising a round of sun, blue sea waves, and graceful beauty, wow!!! Its a life that everyone yearns for.

As a permanent female guest of running bar, its worth seeing. The upper body is a white loose T-shirt + ice silk sleeve. Baby, with strict sunscreen measures, will wear simple sportswear with a high-level sense.

The classic color matching of black and white is worthy of evergreen tree. Her hair is tied into two small braids, which is super cute. But the fine lines at the end of the eye still revealed the age. After all, she was a mother.

This chiffon dress, with a bra neck, reveals babys delicate collarbone and right shoulder.

Wearing a black belt around the waist, you can feel more beautiful in the street every minute. You can walk on a pair of black pointed high-heeled shoes, and you can put your hands on your hips at will, which is a kind of amorous feelings.

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