Kong Xiaozhen is 40 years old, dressed in a forest girl temperament, small white wall also shot a sense of high-level

 Kong Xiaozhen is 40 years old, dressed in a forest girl temperament, small white wall also shot a sense of high-level

Even the little flower that a woman is most afraid of, she can easily find it. In the latest photo of early autumn, she puts on the floral skirt and simply stands in the background of the white wall. With a natural smile, she makes people feel comfortable and cant help laughing.

In the photo, she has long lazy hair and various printed dresses. Sometimes she is happy and smiling, and sometimes she grabs her head as if she is thoughtful. Each expression exudes a unique and lovely temperament. Kononis ability to control clothing also made netizens admire him, laughing, if you wear this kind of decor on yourself, you will become a vegetable market lady..


If you like to wear a long style, it is recommended to choose a cut with waist, which will not be like wearing a piece of cloth on your body. For example, you can look for the popular bubble princess sleeve design this year, which can highlight the slim feeling of waist through the width of upper body shoulder (but please avoid this style for girls with shoulder width);

In addition, jeans and boots can be used to create a sense of hierarchy and show the straightforward side;

Finally, short dresses with hip length are also quite popular this year. You can wear Mary Jane shoes with white socks to add the richness of details. Choosing a small bag will not take away the style of the dress!

If you like to wear basic and simple clothes, accessories are the best choice for you! Because plain color and clothing can best highlight the uniqueness of the decor, and it is easy to match from a small area. For example, the fishermans hat, which is often matched in summer, can choose the style with the interior as the decor, which is suitable for you who dont like to be too swashbuckling but want to make some small changes. In addition, the silk scarf is also a good small accessory, you can tie it to the bag, wrist and neck, and can be used as a hair ornament to do some modeling for your hair!


The common pattern and color shirt might as well add a piping top to add layer sense. Compared with the T-shirt that is worn alone or usually matched by ordinary people, it will appear more special. Because the details of the upper body are enough, the lower part can choose the versatile jeans. In summer, the skin penetrating top is of course an indispensable piece, with a small cute inside, it is quite sexy, or you can also wear a Cuban necktie shirt Wear an old hat to show boyish style, so you wont be disgusted to say that your decor is old-fashioned any more!