Jike Junyi wears a tights vest to walk in the airport, with a plump figure of 10 kg

 Jike Junyi wears a tights vest to walk in the airport, with a plump figure of 10 kg

Although the length of shorts are similar, but from the fabric division, can also be subdivided into many kinds, one of the most common in summer, is denim shorts. The stiff fabric has a certain thickness, wearing the body can make the leg shape more straight and straight, at the same time, it can modify the hip line and make the hip circumference more plump. Basically, any top piece can match with it. Jike Junyi wore a pair of denim shorts for the airport modeling. The letter printing design on the pants can make the denim items not too rotten, fashionable and sexy.

Hats are indispensable accessories for wearing in summer, especially fishermans hat. The brim of the cap is larger than baseball cap and Beret. It can effectively protect the sun from the sun, block the hairline and part of the face shape. If you want to go out without makeup or shampoo, you can wear a fishermans cap. In addition, the fishermans cap also has the age reduction attribute, which can enhance the youth vitality of the shape. For example, Jike Junyi wears a fishermans hat. The main color of pure white is fresh and bright, which will not have a visual impact on the whole body.

Many girls refuse to accept leather shorts. They think that leather fabric has a sense of expansion and is basically inflexible. The ability to modify leg shape is basically zero, and the upper body is easy to show leg fat. However, this is not a general conclusion. As long as you dont choose leather shorts with appropriate style and choose loose version, you can still wear thin and fashionable. For example, Jike Junyis leather shorts are worth starting with. They not only have a loose silhouette, but also have a high waistline, which can improve the proportion of the body and make the legs longer and thinner.

The rise of the sports trend has brought a fire to bodybuilding shorts. Basically every trendsetter must have one. Its fabric is different from ordinary shorts. It is made of sports fabric with high resilience and high air permeability, which can not only absorb moisture and sweat, but also effectively improve hip shape. It is especially suitable for girls who love sports in the gym to wear in summer, which can show body shape and concave shape. Jike Junyi used to wear body-building shorts when he left the airport. It was matched with a loose T-shirt that was too long to cover the hips and thighs. This kind of collocation can be used for reference by obese girls.

Dont want to spend too much time on collocation? Lets have a pair of one piece shorts. The one piece version solves the matching problem of the upper and lower garments. It can keep the whole style consistent and highlight the simple and clean temperament. Even with Xiaobai, it can easily wear a sense of personality and fashion. However, the tight style of one-piece shorts like Jike Junyi is not recommended. If you wear too much, you should choose loose style Jumpsuits are safer.