Ms. Chung wore red and green, mixed with Barbie powder, revealing her fat and real

 Ms. Chung wore red and green, mixed with Barbie powder, revealing her fat and real

The uniqueness of the printing elements improves the recognition of the items and reduces the chance of bumping into the shirt. However, the personalized and fashionable printing also has the deficiency of complicated feeling. Choosing the wrong style will make the whole dress collapse. Especially, older women should be more careful in choosing printed items, so as not to aggravate their sense of age and wear them old. For example, those with too large printing area and too bright colors should pass away Regardless of this, ordinary people cant wear the red and green printing dress of Zhong Rita. The bright flower pattern is really full of local flavor.

The piece favored by lazy people must have the name of jumpsuit. The one-piece tailoring does not need to spend time on collocation, and can wear a clean and unified shape. Apart from inconvenient going to the toilet, it cant find any problems. The version of one-piece pants is more concise and neat than that of skirt, and there is no problem of lighting up. The style created by Zhong Litai this time is actually the style of one-piece pants The waist is mainly bright red, and it is designed in the form of a belt. It not only highlights the waist line but also optimizes the proportion. It is a little obvious that the small belly is a little bit obvious, and the dewlap is exposed, which reduces the score.

If you want to look cool and handsome, youd better choose a style with wide fabric. On the one hand, its not easy to collapse and deform, and its too close to the skin. On the other hand, the line sense of the overall shape will be stronger, and the feeling will be more free and easy. Similar denim fabrics and leather fabrics are good choices. The upper body is more straight and shapeless, and the texture is also better. Whats the version of Zhong Ritas printed Jumpsuit pants Hard enough, soft fabric, although very thin and breathable, but also let the body at a glance, fat figure really can see 49 years old.

Older women should not dress themselves as peacocks. If they are too low on their personal temperament, they are easy to wear down and become the laughing point of the whole audience. Moreover, it is not necessary to wear fashionable clothes in order to highlight their good temperament. Excessive concave modeling will only bring about the opposite effect. Simple and generous clothes can set off good clothes and enhance personal charm value, such as Zhong Li Teats printed Jumpsuit is much simpler than the red and green matching. The single printing design has the function of embellishment and doesnt show complicated and cumbersome.

Printed jumpsuits have a strong sense of fashion, but they are also more difficult to control. To reduce the chance of mistakes, it is recommended to choose the solid color style, and do not limit the black and white gray color system. You can boldly challenge the bright color style. Those styles with low color saturation are very suitable for yellow and black leather stars. They dont pick skin color at all. They think that the color is too monotonous and not bright enough, You can also start from the fabric shirt, such as Zhong Ritas Jumpsuit is mainly made of lace. The vest design is cool and sexy, and the bright red is very eye-catching.

Although the Jumpsuit is a casual piece, it doesnt mean that the style attribute is very single. Through the change of tailoring and design, it can show different fashion charm. For example, if you add skin revealing design, you can add more sexy femininity, or add perspective element to make your sexy coefficient higher. If you want to be more eye-catching, you can also try the sequin style, which was worn by Zhong Rita when she participated in a program before A piece of Sequin perspective Jumpsuit appeared, all over with dazzling light, becoming the most shining existence on the stage. The figure under the side is really provocative.

Zhongrita Leng dressed herself as a village flower, red with green, but also mixed with Barbie powder, too much flesh exposed points. As one of the most favorite items for lazy people, jumpsuits are impeccable in terms of matching difficulty and fashion. Older women choose the right style and have a younger age effect. The design full of youthful vitality just weakens their sense of age, but picking the wrong one may also bring about adverse effects. Zhong Litais Airport outfit this time is a negative teaching material. Its hard for ordinary people to understand this fashion. What do you think ?