699: dissatisfied with the former major

 699: dissatisfied with the former major

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Middle school principals participation in the national college entrance examination for 10 times is questioned: the purpose is to guide the education reform

Wang Shiqing, 41, is the principal of a private middle school in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province. When a red star reporter contacted him, he had just finished an interview with a local media.

Wang Shiqing was once again hot because he took part in the college entrance examination for the 10th time this year. While many netizens praised him, some netizens questioned that he occupied public resources, which was a waste of behavior. Some netizens thought that he was making fun of himself and publicized his school by making a show.

On July 9, after the end of the college entrance examination this year, Wang Shiqing responded in an interview with red star news that since 2015, he has participated in the college entrance examination for six consecutive years after working. His reference in the first year was because he joked with his friends, and since then, because of his profound teaching experience, he has persisted. However, he thinks that he does not occupy public resources and propaganda schools exist to a certain extent, but this is not deliberate speculation.

Denial of ten consecutive years of college entrance examination

Four consecutive examinations admitted to university, the first reference after work due to joke

Red Star News reporter (hereinafter referred to as the reporter): how do you feel after taking the exam this year?

Wang Shiqing (hereinafter referred to as Wang): its almost the same every year, but this year its simpler than last year. I should have done well in the exam. The score is about 400. First of all, the speed of the problem is not up, after all, it is not seventeen or eighteen years old. Then all subjects were tested. This year, I was a physics teacher. I was a physics teacher. I was familiar with it. Even though I have been involved in other subjects, I cant do the students really.

Reporter: how many times have you participated in the college entrance examination after working? It is reported in the media that this is the 10th year in a row that you have participated in the college entrance examination. Is that true?

Wang: for the sixth time after work, it lasted from 2015 to this year. However, it was not 10 times in a row. I took the exam four times from 1997 to 2000, and finally I was admitted to Taiyuan Normal University.

Reporter: you are already a masters degree. What prompted you to attend the college entrance examination? What about family, colleagues and friends?

Wang: after I graduated from the masters degree in 2011, I quit my public office and started a (training) school. By 2015, I have been involved in teaching various subjects for four years. A friend asked me why I didnt take the exam myself, and asked if I could pass the exam. I said that I cant take the exam. After all, Im not seventeen or eighteen years old, and I dont have so much time to review when I work, but my friends say that I dare not take the exam. What dare you Joking with friends, I took the exam in 2015, which is to show some friends.

Interview with media after attending college entrance examination

At that time, everyone was a kind of mentality of watching jokes. (after work) the first year to participate in the college entrance examination, I also feel very funny, so old still participate in the college entrance examination, but the family did not object. In the first year, I was also a liberal arts major, because my friends said that I was born in science, and believed that I could do well in science, so they said, I have the ability to do well in liberal arts..

Reporter: how do you feel about entering the college entrance examination room after work, and what are the results?

Wang: as soon as I sit in the examination room, I feel like I was 17 or 18 years old. But at that time, I was in a hurry. I had no preparation before the exam. I only made two sets of test papers and recovered some state. Finally, I should have scored more than 300 points, but I cant remember.

Reporter: after six years of continuous reference, what makes you stick to it?

Wang: when I entered the examination room in 2015 and participated in the college entrance examination with students in person, my teaching experience was much more profound. Because it helped to promote teaching, I decided to take part in the college entrance examination continuously for six years. In the first year, I applied for liberal arts, and I took Science in 2016. In this way, I formed the rule of taking liberal arts one year and science one year. In this way, I could cover nine subjects in high school.

In the next few years, I couldnt take out the whole time because of various affairs. I could only take some time to do some papers occasionally. The final score, good time more than 400 points, poor time more than 300 points, according to the standard of Shanxi, basically is the second class C (the previous three).

Reporter: taking part in the college entrance examination makes your teaching experience suddenly profound, which aspects are mainly reflected in?

Wang: the college entrance examination is the baton of middle school education. Teaching in middle schools should be carried out in the direction of the examination. The most obvious feeling is to go to the examination in person and do the test in the same time and space as the students. If you get the test questions and answers after the event, and then study it, it is just ordinary research. For your intuitive stimulation, the amount of information and relevant thinking are far less than what you know in the examination room.

Wang Shiqing is with the students

Reporter: it has been mentioned in the media that you take part in the college entrance examination in order to study the examination questions, feel on the spot and guide the educational reform. So, what kind of help and changes have you brought to your teaching by taking part in the college entrance examination?

Wang: I mainly apply the feeling of college entrance examination to daily teaching. For example, my junior high school and senior high school are promoting hard pen calligraphy. Because, after I took part in the college entrance examination, I found that many students wrote in a rather sloppy way. We should promote hard pen calligraphy to ensure that the students handwriting and volume are beautiful. This is for us to get high marks in Chinese, history, politics and other subjects in the college entrance examination.

Other subjects such as English, I take the college entrance examination every year experience is English to get a higher score, must solve the vocabulary. So, how to solve the problem of vocabulary, the school has developed English teaching materials and cards to help students remember words. Students memorize words by playing cards.

Reporter: you used to teach physics. What are the gains in physics?

Wang Shiqing attends college entrance examination

Reporter: in 2015, you just started to take part in the college entrance examination, mainly for education and training, and then opened a middle school. What are the gains and effects of taking part in the college entrance examination on your education and training?

Wang: I take part in the examination in person, and I get a lot of methods and skills every year, mainly the skills of problem making. When I do various subjects, I will know which questions to give up, which questions to strive for, and how to allocate time.

For example, English test, students with good foundation can do it in the order of paper. But for the students whose English foundation is relatively weak, if they do it in order, they will have no time to write their compositions. For this group of students, I give them the strategy is to take enough time to write the composition completely, then do reading comprehension, and finally do the cloze test which is difficult to be divided into, and do it when you have time, so as to maximize the score.

Wang: the effect is very obvious. Usually, the general school teachers are after the examination paper analysis research, and then adjust. Moreover, the teachers of the whole school have different opinions, so it is difficult to form a joint force. In my school, I was the headmaster. I personally went to take the examination and passed all the subjects. When I came back, I personally organized the teachers of various teaching and research groups to analyze and study the test questions, and added my feelings and judgments. In this way, we can gather our wisdom together, and finally form a unified reform method, which will be more thorough.

It has no influence on the current order of college entrance examination and has propaganda effect, but it cant be said to be deliberately hyped

Wang: since 2017, the media has paid more attention to it than before.

Wang Shiqing and his students after taking part in the college entrance examination

Reporter: over the past few years, many netizens like it every year, but there are also some doubts. On the one hand, they think that you are occupying public resources; on the other hand, they think that you are hyping and promoting their own schools. What do you think of this?

Wang: basically, I agree with you. At least it represents the spirit of practitioners.

As for the occupation of public resources questioned by netizens, the college entrance examination Resources mainly refer to the number of college admissions. I only take part in the college entrance examination every year and do not fill in the application forms. Therefore, there is no admission every year, which has no impact on the current college entrance examination order. Because, I was not admitted to a certain university, the school accepted me, as a result, I did not go, occupied other peoples places.

As for propaganda schools, this exists to a certain extent. Through the news media reports, naturally, the reputation of the school will also have some spread in the society. This is not a deliberate hype, but in fact it has brought some publicity effect to the school.

Reporter: some netizens think that you can study the test questions until the end of the college entrance examination. You dont have to go to the examination room. Whats your opinion?

Reporter: I noticed that your schools official account has pushed you to take part in the college entrance examination two years ago. In addition, you also have your schools enrollment publicity. What are the considerations?

Wang: every unit has a public official account. It has made some achievements in schools and some things happened in schools. The official account is mainly for the students and parents of the school. The effect is also to publicize the school to the outside world, so that more people will know the school and study it.

Reporter: have school teachers been influenced by you? In other words, some people want to take part in the college entrance examination?

Wang: I dont want to mobilize, but at present, some teachers have some ideas. They may also participate next year, but the number is not large.

Reporter: are you going to take the exam all the time?

Wang: as long as the national policy allows, I will continue to take the exam. At least in the first node, when my son is admitted to the examination room, our father and son are in and out at the same time.

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