Domestic CPU soars through the wind and waves to release multi server CPU Tengyun S2500

 Domestic CPU soars through the wind and waves to release multi server CPU Tengyun S2500

As a core member of the chip R & D national team and an important force in the new infrastructure, Feiteng has formed a complete diversified computing power product spectrum, providing core computing support for all types of equipment from the end to the cloud, and continuously promoting product innovation.

Tengyun S2500 inherits the excellent performance of the previous generation product ft-2000 +, and has made a major breakthrough in multi-channel expansion. It has added four direct connection interfaces with a total bandwidth of 800gbps. It supports two-way, four-way and eight-way direct connection. It can form a 128 core to 512 core computer system, which can ignite computing power and provide new momentum for the new infrastructure construction of the industry.

It is worth noting that Tengyun S2500 has changed the previous product naming method with ft as the prefix. According to Dou Qiang, general manager of Feiteng company, in order to better serve industry customers, Feiteng company has carried out comprehensive brand upgrading on three product families (high-performance server CPU, high-performance desktop CPU and high-end embedded CPU) to gather core values and create a new extreme experience. The CPU product line of high performance server is named after Feiteng cloud s series, which means riding the wind and breaking the waves to provide strong computing power and high concurrency computing power for server and data center applications; the high-performance desktop CPU product line is named after feitengrui D series, implying that Tengrui is strong and chasing the wind and electricity, creating a high-performance and high security single user extreme experience; The high-end embedded CPU product line is named after Feiteng Tenglong e series, which means Tenglong smart, strong wind and thunder, and provides customized solutions that fit in with embedded applications in all walks of life.

Compared with the previous generation product ft-2000 + single channel server chip, the performance of Tengyun S2500 has greatly improved. According to the test data of Feiteng Research Institute, in terms of the performance of the whole machine, the specint score of the dual channel is 1000 +, which has increased to twice of the original value, and the specint value of the four channels is 1800 +, which is 3.5 times of the original. In the aspect of distributed database performance, the TPMC value of two-way server reaches 98000, which is increased to twice of the original, and the TPMC value of four-way server reaches 176000, increasing to 4 times of the original. In terms of cloud desktop support, two-way servers support 70 virtual machines, an increase of 2.5 times, and four-way servers support 140 virtual machines, an increase of 5 times.

Dou Qiang introduced that this multi-channel server chip is Feitengs server CPU product, which makes up the last layout of high-end chip, and has made continuous innovation and development in terms of architecture. On the one hand, the system on chip (PSoC) architecture of high-end chips before Feiteng, the large-scale consistent storage architecture with data affinity, and the hierarchical two-dimensional mesh interconnection network are continued. At the same time, large capacity shared l3cache, multi port high-speed and low latency direct access, and memory mirror storage reliability enhancement technology are added, Moreover, the application-oriented security enhancement technology can be used to defend against ghost and fused edge channel attacks, and the security and credibility of the product is further improved.

Five core competencies enable new infrastructure

The new infrastructure will accelerate the pace of the Internet era, guide the information technology industry into a new round of development cycle, and detonate the new growth rate of semiconductor industry and information industry. As an important infrastructure of the new infrastructure, the performance of the server is related to the stability and efficient operation of the data center. The multi-channel server composed of multiple CPUs will significantly improve the performance of the server, so as to help the infrastructure such as the data center play a potential value in the tide of new infrastructure construction.

Yang Wei, solution director of Feiteng company, said that Tengyun S2500 will greatly improve the computing power of government cloud and big data infrastructure base by relying on the five core capabilities of high scalability, high performance, high security, high reliability and high energy efficiency, and gradually enable Feiteng platform to gradually have the support ability for core business of new infrastructure core industries such as telecommunications and finance, which require higher computing power. Through enabling cloud computing, big data, edge computing, 5g, AI, blockchain and other technologies, Tengyun S2500 will be widely used in data center, cloud computing platform, virtualization, Internet of things and other fields, as well as government affairs, digital city, telecommunications, finance, energy, transportation, industrial manufacturing and many other industries.

Tengyun S2500 will provide solutions with higher computing power, higher density, more configuration and lower cost for the new infrastructure of the industry. For example, the computing power provided by ft-2000 + servers with one cabinet number can be realized by only using 1 / 3 of S2500 four-way 2U servers or 1 / 2 of S2500 dual-channel 2U servers, thus further reducing the construction cost of the system.

In the field of 5g, Feiteng will rely on Tengyun S2500 to accelerate the deployment of 5g infrastructure application of new infrastructure. In 5g access network, operators are moving towards the white box direction of intelligent, open and open source. The general server will become an important data processing and control platform for commercial communication base stations. Previously, Feiteng has built a white box 5g base station solution based on ft-2000 + with its ecological partners in the field. With FPGA card, it can achieve user coverage of multiple cells. However, upgrading the base station with Tengyun S2500 will enable the base station to have the access ability of more cells and more users. In 5g mobile edge computing, the UPF network element is sunk based on the edge cloud platform of S2500, so that users can serve nearby, and the service ability and quality can be improved. In 5g core network, relying on the computing performance and expansion ability of S2500 multi-channel server, it can provide better support for the network elements of control plane and user plane, and help accelerate the implementation of domestic 5g core network infrastructure.

The financial industry has been facing information transformation and upgrading. Tengyun S2500 will provide more powerful infrastructure for the financial industry to meet the two-way requirements of basic financial industry servers. While this procurement model, it can accelerate the application results of early adaptation to a wider range of financial industry promotion and application.

In addition, in the fields of government affairs, rail transit, power, AI, big data center, etc., Tengyun S2500 will continue to build leading and open industry joint solutions, provide stronger and safer computing power support, enable more industry customers, and help the transformation and upgrading of new infrastructure and digital economy. It is reported that Feitengs ecological partners have launched the development of dual, four and eight way servers based on Tengyun S2500. It is expected that large-scale supply can be made in the fourth quarter of this year. Domestic computing power to a new level, the domestic CPU opened a new era of multi-channel services. By enabling the new infrastructure, the domestic CPU has emerged and gradually stabilized. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485