Suspect points of the murder case of the missing woman: where is the first scene? Is it the body split by her husband?

 Suspect points of the murder case of the missing woman: where is the first scene? Is it the body split by her husband?

Hangzhou Public Security Bureau said that the case is still under full investigation and handling, and the public security organ will hold a press conference in the near future according to the progress of the investigation and handling of the case, so as to inform the relevant cases in a timely manner.

Doubtful point 1: is 802, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan the first site?

Lai Huili, 53, and Xu, 55, are restructuring their families. Lai Huili has a daughter with her ex husband, and Xu also has a son who works abroad. After the marriage, they have a daughter, 11 years old. Before the accident in Huili, he was the cleaning staff of a local accounting company, with a monthly salary of about 4000 yuan. On July 4, the two also went to Hangzhou red cross to dispense medicine.

On July 6, the day after Lai Huili disappeared, Xu and Lai Huilis eldest daughter went to the police station to report to the police. Huilis eldest daughter said in an interview with the media that at the beginning of the investigation, the police did not find any suspicious places in Huilis home. When Xu was interviewed by the media at home, he was anxious about his wifes disappearance.

With the fermentation of the incident, strangely missing at home has become the key word of this case. According to the comprehensive public information, home is the most suspected place of the crime. But there is no doubt in the preliminary investigation, does it mean that 802, building 4, Sanbao Beiyuan, is not the first crime scene?

Question 2: is the motivation related to the transfer of housing?

Upstream news reporters learned that Sanbao Beiyuan community is a relocation house in Hangzhou, with complete surrounding facilities. There are 6 buildings in total, of which building 4 is located in the southeast corner of the community. The house that Huili lives in is the house under its name. According to several real estate websites, the average price of Sanbao Beiyuan is about 40000 yuan per square meter.

The former mother-in-law who came to Huili also lived in the community. According to the mother-in-law before Huili, laihuili and Xu had known each other before they got married and had a debt dispute. According to the residents of the community, in addition to the Room 802 of building 4, laihuili was also allocated two sets of relocation houses. However, the couple had several disputes over the ownership and decoration of the house.

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Doubt 3: is Xu premeditated or impulsive?

In the eyes of neighbors, laihuili is good at talking and has good popularity. And Xu seldom communicated with his neighbors, just nod when we meet. Residents said the 55 year old man would have received little attention if it had not been for Lai Huilis bizarre disappearance.

According to media reports, on the afternoon of July 4, Lai Huili and her little daughter went shopping in Yintai City, 2km away from the community. According to the elevator monitoring, when they took the elevator home at about 5 p.m., they came to Huili without emotional abnormality. Xu said in an interview with the media that he found his wife was not at home in the early morning of July 5, and her mobile phone, wallet and ID card were not taken away, only wearing a brown pajama. It wasnt until July 6 that Huilis unit called to say that he didnt go to work. Xu realized that his wife was missing.

Xus over calm performance and a series of abnormal behaviors caused doubts in the early stage of the incident. Is it premeditated or impulsive to act as if nothing had happened after killing?

On the evening of July 23, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, the police had withdrawn from the scene, but the area around the septic tank was still blocked. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

Suspect 4: septic tank found suspected items involved in the case, Xu how to split the body?

On July 23, upstream journalists saw at the scene that the police found the items involved in the case in the process of salvaging the septic tank. At the same time, there are media reports that Lai Huili was killed and was dismembered by Xu and thrown into the cesspool of evolution. According to the previous report, the family and police did not find any trace of Lai Huilis going out and other suspicious situations when they checked the surveillance.

The residential area of Sanbao is not good for sound insulation. Surveillance shows that on July 4, at about 5:00 p.m., I came to Huili and went home with my little daughter. To the early morning of July 5, Xu claimed to find laihuili missing time, a total of 12 hours. During this period, most of the residents in the community rest at home, but many neighbors said they did not hear the abnormal sound coming out of laihuilis house. The Tathagata Huili is really killed at home. How can Xu complete the dismemberment at home without being noticed by the neighbors?

In recent days, the case of Lai Huilis disappearance has attracted much attention because of the mystery of every question. On the evening of July 23, the police released a news that her husband Xu was suspected.

On July 22, the upstream news reporter learned that after receiving the alarm, the police not only searched the basement, sewers, inspection wells and nearby ponds, but also investigated the refrigerators, freezers and wardrobes of the surrounding residents, but did not find any trace of laihuili. Lai Huilis sister-in-law said that after staying up late to check the monitoring for three days, no effective information was found.

Some netizens speculated that after Xus dismemberment, part of the body was flushed into the septic tank by pulling back the toilet. However, a number of front-line police officers engaged in criminal investigation told upstream journalists that the speculation was reasonable but not realistic. The structure of the human body is complex, hard bones are difficult to be easily crushed, and a large number of corpses produced by the fragmentation will block the sewer, which is easier to find. Police said.

Therefore, after Xu killed laihuili, how to transport his corpse out of the building without being found during inspection and monitoring, and how to clean up the scene as soon as possible did not arouse the suspicion of neighbors and police. Is the process of transferring corpses and cleaning up the scene possible?

On July 23, in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, there were at least three cameras aimed at the septic tank because it was close to the gate of the community. Photographer / upstream journalist Shi Tingting

On July 23, according to media reports, Xu killed Lai Huili and threw his body into a septic tank. But some netizens put forward that in the densely monitored community, how can Xu avoid the monitoring and complete the body throwing? Or is there no monitoring around the septic tank?

Upstream news reporters found a large number of cameras distributed in Sanbao Beiyuan. With the septic tank as the coordinate, the diagonal distance from the No.4 building is about 50 meters, and the straight-line distance from the east gate of the community is about 100 meters. There is an access road on both sides of the road. In addition to cameras installed on both sides of the road, there is also a monitoring device at the east gate of the community near the car stop bar. Therefore, at least three cameras can capture the impression of monitoring around the septic tank. Moreover, if the corpse is dumped at the well cover of the septic tank, it is easy to be found by the residents of building 4, and may also be noticed by passers-by and security personnel passing through the east gate of the community.

In addition, there are netizens reported that Xu is a residential property personnel, the camera distribution and normal use is very clear. Upstream news reporters from the district security office to verify that Xu is not a property staff, has never worked in the property.

In the past few days of looking for someone, as the husband of Huili, Xu has been in the public eye with an anxious posture. Residents of the community said that on the afternoon of July 22, a manure truck began to pump water from the septic tank. At about 7:00 p.m., Xu went home. Although there have been rumors, but to see Xu often go home these days, there is not much doubt.