Hirofumi Nagata recalled Sanpu: we have been sad, he will not be happy

 Hirofumi Nagata recalled Sanpu: we have been sad, he will not be happy

Netease Entertainment reported on July 24, according to Taiwan media reports, Japanese actor Chunma Sanpu died in his own house on July 18. He was 30 years old. His best friend in the performing arts circle and actor Cheng Tianyou published more than 1000 words of long articles on the social platform late on the 23rd, recalling his relationship with Sanpu, and telling his fans, now you should be strong in front of others, but you feel you are in the dark. Me too. He said, but spring horse wont be happy like this and asked fans to look forward.

After performing the Japanese drama samurai of grass food department released in 2009 with Sanpu, he became a very good friend. On the day Sanpu was found dead, Chengtian was participating in a live singing program, singing while crying. In his post on the 27th, Chengtian posted a combination of photos of him and Sanpu, including those of acting and singing KTV. Both of them were very happy.

Cheng Tianyou describes Sanpu as a straightforward person with his own pace. He has a strong sense of responsibility for his work. Behind every perfect performance, there is less confidence. He said that in retrospect of the past 11 years, the most unforgettable is the smiling face of Sanpu. After the successful completion of the performance, Sanpu always talks to him with a relaxed smile, just like my brother, so cherished..

He said that it was a very precious and precious asset in my life to meet Sanpu, to become good friends with him, to guard his growth and to move forward on the road of performing arts together. He said that in the future, he will inherit Sanpus will and complete their agreement and dream together with his part.

Finally, Cheng Tian expressed his thanks to the fans of Sanpu, many things cant be achieved without your support. How many times have you saved him?. He told his fans, now you must be very, very painful every day. Your tears are flowing and your heart is broken.. But we have been dejected, spring horse will not be happy, can not rest at ease.

He wants heartbroken fans to try not to be alone, find someone who can chat, talk about boring things and laugh loudly.. Dont lose to Chunmas smiling face and say some warm words to him in the sky.. When I meet with Sanpu again, I can confidently say to him, Ive worked hard even with Chunma..

Chengtian finally said, I believe that even if we separate, our hearts are still together.. More than 640000 people liked this post 10 hours after it was uploaded, and 14000 people left messages. We thank Cheng Tian for his encouragement and comfort. He should also have a good rest and move forward actively.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351