Cao Xiping regrets the death of Sanpu Chunma and appeals: dont treat children as a cash cow

 Cao Xiping regrets the death of Sanpu Chunma and appeals: dont treat children as a cash cow

According to Taiwan media reports on July 24, according to Taiwan media reports, Japans popular male star Chunma Sanpu died at home. However, there are different opinions about the cause of his death. It was first reported that he could not bear to be bullied by the Internet. Now he is even more exposed to worry about family relations and break up with his mother. In this regard, senior artist Cao Xiping appealed to all artists parents: dont treat children as children Money tree .

Cao Xiping said that he had seen many works and exclusive interviews of Sanpu Chunma. He thought that he was a serious artist from the bottom of his heart. However, when he wanted to quit the performing arts circle, he was repeatedly opposed by his mother, which led to long-term depression and entanglement in his heart. Finally, Cao Xiping lamented that it took a lot of courage to commit suicide, but if someone could pull him in time, he would not have any regrets In addition to saying that artists need to bear the family economy, outsiders will not understand this kind of invisible pressure. Therefore, besides calling on artists parents to not treat their children as a cash cow, they also denounce: there is an artist in the family, and the whole family is a useless person.

In 1997, Miura Chunma made his debut as a child star. His performance in the movie love in the sky made an excellent box office success, which pushed his performing career to the top. However, he was scheduled to shoot a new drama the end of money is the beginning of love. When it was time, he did not show up on the set. Only when the time came, did the staff discover that he had died at home and died at the age of 30.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Zhang longer_ NBJS11351