American gymnastics queen exposes discrimination at World Championships: ridiculed but Im super strong

 American gymnastics queen exposes discrimination at World Championships: ridiculed but Im super strong

When talking to host Hoda kuteb this week, gymnastic queen Byers was asked if he had experienced racial discrimination. Byers gave a positive answer. The all-around King revealed that he was not discriminated against during his schooling. Instead, he went to the Gymnastics World Championships and was ridiculed by his opponents because of his skin color. But bairs said he would not be affected.

When the host asked Byers if he remembered that he had suffered racial discrimination when he was young, Byers said: I didnt really experience racial discrimination when I was a child, although I went to a white dominated school, and I didnt really know what racism was until the 2013 World Championships.

I was on the world championships stage, and another gymnast said that if we painted our skin black, maybe we could all win. I know she was angry because I beat her and she lost her balance beam medal. Compared with my winning the world championship, the opponents words are the real news

The discrimination incident mentioned by Byers occurred at the 2013 World Championships, which made Byers the first black player to win the all-round championship of the world championships. In addition, Bayers was originally the fourth on the balance beam and won the bronze medal after complaint, while felito of Italy won the fifth place. In a subsequent interview, felito said: next time we have to be black so we can win the championship.

Byers didnt respond to felitos comments at the time, but Byerss mother revealed that it really bothered her daughter. To this day, Byers has not forgotten the taunts of his opponents, but he emphasizes that he has not been affected. In fact, similar situations happen every day. I think every black or colored athlete will say that he has experienced racial discrimination in his career. But you have to be a role model for the children who look up to us and move on for them.

It doesnt matter what you look like. You can also become big and strive for great goals. Byers has proved that he has finally become a great athlete. When it comes to the black life is life campaign, Byers supports it, but also points out that people should fight for anti racial discrimination for a long time. We need the black community to have justice, and peaceful protest is the starting point of change. Unfortunately, after all this, people begin to pay attention to and listen to it In fact, racism and injustice have existed in the black community for many years.