Us fourth Airlines: no flying without masks! 100 passengers have been blackmailed by Delta

 Us fourth Airlines: no flying without masks! 100 passengers have been blackmailed by Delta

From July 29, all passengers over the age of two will be required to wear masks at airports and on planes, according to American Airlines. The airlines new policy will require passengers to wear masks in all airport areas from the time they enter the airport of departure and not remove them until they leave the arrival airport. If a passenger refuses to comply with the policy, American Airlines may ban the passenger from travelling for a short time.

Southwest Airlines said all passengers over the age of two must wear masks, which will take effect on July 27 and will no longer allow medical or disability exemptions. If passengers do not wear masks, Southwest Airlines will refuse to deliver.

Passengers can take off their masks to eat or take medicine, but southwest said it hoped the situation would last very briefly..

United will provide free masks to customers who dont wear them. If passengers do not comply at this stage, staff will provide them with a reminder card with United Airlines policy. Then, no flying.

In May this year, United Airlines became the first large airline company in the United States to require flight attendants to wear masks. Later, the airline company extended the policy to all passengers.

Delta Airlines has banned 100 passengers who do not comply with the requirements of wearing masks on its flights. According to official policy, delta requires passengers to wear masks at all contact points, including check-in counters, lounges, boarding areas and on-board aircraft.

Delta is taking action against passengers who dont want to wear masks on flights. Airlines have the right to refuse to board and may prohibit passengers who violate this policy from taking delta again.

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