Sichuan womens basketball team once again introduces Gao Song to join in the new season

 Sichuan womens basketball team once again introduces Gao Song to join in the new season

After friendly negotiation and communication, Gao Song and Sichuan Yuanda Meile womens basketball team have reached an agreement, which will officially become the registered player of Sichuan Yuanda Meile basketball club, and join the team in the WCBA League in 2020-2021 season. Sichuan womens basketball team said on official social media.

Gao Song, who was born in 1992, is 1.91 meters tall and weighs 85 kg. He is on the scene and is in charge of his work. In 2009, Gao Song, only 17 years old, was selected into the national team and won the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games champion.

In her career, Gao Song has represented the Chinese womens basketball team in a series of major international events, such as 2011 womens basketball championship, 2012 London Olympic Games, 2013 womens Basketball Championships, 2014 womens Basketball World Championships, 2015 womens basketball Asian Championships and 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and achieved excellent results. She is also one of the most experienced athletes in WCBA League.

As the new force of Chinas professional basketball, Sichuan womens basketball team has made great efforts to attract players this summer. Gao Song has become the second strong national player since Shao Ting joined the team. To this end, Sichuan womens basketball team said: at present, the team has gathered two heavyweight national team players, which undoubtedly improves the overall strength of the team, but also strongly encourages the morale of the whole staff. In the face of the upcoming new season, Sichuan Yuanda Meile womens basketball team is making careful preparations and actively preparing for the battle, aiming to hit the peak of honor. I hope that the girls of the womens basketball team will work together to create a new future for Sichuan womens basketball team

For the Sichuan team in this summers successive heavy recruitment, also triggered a heated discussion on the network, some fans even said that with the joining of these strong reinforcements, the Sichuan team looks quite champion.