Booth vendors prefer WeChat to pay for bend overtaking and Alipay loses?

 Booth vendors prefer WeChat to pay for bend overtaking and Alipay loses?

Alipay and WeChat have always been the focus of public attention. Recently, many people on the Internet have said that WeChats payment has already achieved a bend overtaking, and Alipay has lost in this game. Why is this? Lets have a look at it today!

Some netizens said that with the popularity of stall economy, they often go out for a walk after dinner. In the collection area of many stall stall owners, it is found that many businesses use WeChat instead of Alipay. A large number of merchants choose wechat payment between the two, cant it prove that wechat payment is stronger? Perhaps, the answer is not as simple as you think.

Data in the first quarter of 2020 showed that Alipays share in the mobile payment sector increased by 0.3%, reaching 55.4%. Although compared with earlier years, it has slipped, but Alipay has been able to maintain more than half. The proportion of wechat payment in the first quarter of this year was only 38.8%, and there was a certain gap between half of them. So, for the big data statistics, Alipays market share is still bigger than WeChats payment, and it also eats more cakes.

Why, then, do netizens find that stall owners use wechat to pay more? Today, we also bring the reasons for it. Lets see how Ma Yun lost to Ma Huateng in front of stall owners.

In fact, for Ma Huateng, the most commonly used trick is grafting flowers and grafting trees. When Ma Huateng wants to do a certain business, it will import its huge im (instant messaging) users into this service, and so does wechat. Compared to Alipay, WeChat can also provide social services. In peoples daily life, even if they dont pay, they often use this software.

Therefore, in daily activities, wechat is more frequently used. It is because of the high frequency of use that many middle-aged and elderly people are more accustomed to using wechat payment. And these stall owners are basically in the ranks of the elderly. So when we go to the stall, we often see some QR codes of wechat payment.

But even if the stall owners often use WeChat to pay, it can not serve as a basis for Alipays backwardness. Compared to WeChat payment, Alipay is a professional payment tool. Therefore, whether in terms of technology, market potential or resilience, we should be more top-notch. Moreover, Alipay is more likely to go abroad to get the favor of foreign consumers, but WeChat still needs to gain recognition from the international market.

We mentioned why wechat can quickly open the door to the market, the most important reason is that it has a large number of im (instant messaging) users as the support. But in the international community, social software such as Facebook, it is difficult to obtain a large number of customer groups. If globally, Alipay may still be the third party to pay the winner of the market.

At the end of the article, do you love WeChat payment or Alipay payment? Lets leave a message in the comments section, tell us your reasons.

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