Ito Meicheng: Olympic Games postponed for one year will be stronger and stronger, China will win more and more confident

 Ito Meicheng: Olympic Games postponed for one year will be stronger and stronger, China will win more and more confident

With the outbreak of the new champion epidemic, the international table tennis world has been suspended for more than four months, and the competition in August has been announced to be cancelled. However, ITO still maintains a good mentality, although there is no competition now, after four months of training, I feel that my overall strength has improved significantly. I have also considered that if I hold the Olympic Games this year, I can Its also something that I care about. Ito said she repeated her Olympic goals.

Of course, in any case, my goal is to win the Olympic gold medal. Even if there is a game now, she will say firmly: I will win, I have confidence. Of course, ITO Meicheng is still aware that he has not defeated the worlds No. 1 opponent like Chen Meng. However, ITO believes that he can become more powerful in one year, and has a great opportunity for next years Olympic Games. Moreover, he has more accurately stated that his goal is gold medal.

In the interview, ITO reviewed the progress in the past four years since Rio won the team medal in the first Olympic Games in Rio and now preparing for the Tokyo Olympic Games, which shows that he has grown rapidly in this Olympic cycle. Moreover, Meiyu Hiranos experience of winning three consecutive Chinese athletes in the 2016 World Cup and 2017 Asian Championships was also spurred on.

Since 2018, ITO Meicheng has defeated Chinese players many times. She believes that this process is also accumulating self-confidence. Defeating Chinese athletes will make them happy and enjoy every game, and this positive feeling has continued to the present. As for the question of cant the Olympic Games be held next year? which the whole world is concerned about, Itoh said that as a contestant, he can only face it with a good mood.

On instagram, Itoh also received a message from fans saying, I want to see the game early. Although the games are played a long time ago, I am encouraged and courageous to see it in the video.. In this regard, ITO Meicheng also felt very warm. He was very happy to think that he was not only in the moment of the game, but also able to continue for several years in one or two years.

Finally, Itoh once again talked about the special significance of the Olympic Games for themselves. For athletes, the Olympic Games are the pursuit of a lifetime, and that feeling will never be forgotten. Because of this, I want to try my best to play an exciting game. There is still a year to go, to continue to improve their own strength, play well in the back of the game, and finally to smile to win the gold medal