Police raid on live broadcast involving pornography arrested 14 people dressed as women

 Police raid on live broadcast involving pornography arrested 14 people dressed as women

In June 2019, the network security brigade of Xinfeng County Public Security Bureau received a clue report. In an app video live broadcast software named xiaohuangshu (formerly known as shaking Yin), a large number of anchors carried out obscene video live broadcasting on the platform. According to the preliminary investigation of the police, only a few of the anchors of the app perform normally, such as singing and chatting. Most of the anchors wear exposed clothes and broadcast obscene performances to make huge profits. After registering on the platform, netizens can watch the live broadcast of the anchor in the software. If you want to watch the pornographic performance, you need to pay extra to watch it. After the member recharges and pays, you can watch the hosts obscene performance online. Xinfeng County Public Security Bureau immediately set up a special group mainly composed of public security brigade and network security brigade to carry out investigation on the platform.

The anchor involved in the case is arrested

After nearly two months of hard investigation and evidence collection, the police of the ad hoc group initially found out the organizational structure, internal operation mode and the identity of the main personnel involved in the case. The gang is composed of overseas behind the scenes boss, overseas technical team, domestic anchor, recharge agent, family head, promotion and marketing personnel and other levels. It is closely organized, has a clear division of labor, and has a strong sense of anti investigation. In order to evade the investigation, the criminal suspects at the top of the gang are all outside the country when committing crimes. Only lower level platform service personnel and female anchor are recruited in China to direct and contact through domestic and overseas instant messaging tools.

After research and judgment, the ad hoc group quickly locked in the true identities of the eight anchors involved in the case. In August 2019, the ad hoc group went to Fujian, Guangdong and other places to arrest the eight anchors involved in the case. Unify the net and pull out the gang organization chain

After more than three months of investigation, the police of the ad hoc group worked day and night to find out all the personnel involved in the case, the capital chain and the technical chain of the platform, and carried out the work of personnel arrest and evidence fixation. The case is listed as a case supervised by the Ministry of public security because the suspects are scattered in many provinces of the country. The time is ripe for capture. In September 2019, with the strong support of the public security detachment and the network security detachment of Ganzhou Public Security Bureau, the members of the ad hoc group successively went to Sichuan, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other seven provinces and cities to collect the suspects from the preliminary investigation, and arrested 14 people involved in the case, including 8 anchors, 1 family leader of the platform, 3 recharge agents and 2 other involved persons More than 50 mobile phones were seized and more than 1 million yuan of funds involved in the case were seized. It is found that the organizational structure of the criminal gang in China is composed of three levels: platform operation - family leader - anchor. Platform operators are divided into management personnel, platform agents and platform inspectors; platform managers are responsible for platform R & D management, background maintenance, and fund settlement; platform agents sell platform currency (diamond); platform patrol personnel inspect anchor broadcast, collect and purchase other bank cards for platform fund settlement.

The head of the family recruits anchors to the obscene live broadcast platform through various ways to assist the anchor in authentication, daily management of the family anchor according to the platform rules, and daily salary settlement for the anchor.

On the road of crime

The police learned that the presenters involved in the case were all in their 20s and 30s, with the majority of those born in the 90s. In addition to some housewives, legitimate professionals, and college students, there were even men who dressed up in exposed clothes and dressed as women for pornographic performances. Many of the anchorpersons average monthly income is 10000 yuan, 20000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. Because of the fast money, these anchors are desperate. When they perform obscene performances on the platform, the registered members of the platform audience can continue to watch the platform currency. During the performance, the anchor entices the audience to reward the platform currency through words and behaviors. When the audience rewards the sports car (a nickname of platform currency, worth RMB 88), the audience can add the anchors wechat or QQ, and the anchor will send obscene video to the audience. In order to meet the needs of the audience, some anchors do not hesitate to break through the moral bottom line and attract the audience to pay through pornographic and violent content. Up to now, 14 suspects have been arrested in the case, and all of them have been transferred for prosecution. The case is under further investigation.

The governance of the network environment is the common responsibility of the whole society. The civilized and clean cyberspace needs the participation of the whole society. The majority of netizens must enhance their sense of social responsibility

We should stick to the bottom line of law and morality, distinguish right from wrong, distinguish between beauty and ugliness, and surf the Internet according to law and in a civilized way.

The police in Ganzhou always insist on the situation of cracking down on the network crimes. They will fight when they are exposed, and they will fight early!

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