Heres all you want to know about 5gs progress and the next step

 Heres all you want to know about 5gs progress and the next step

Since the opening of 5g last year, operators have been promoting the development of 5g, and have achieved very good results.

In terms of network construction, recently, more than 15000 new base stations have been opened every week. By the end of June, more than 400000 5g base stations have been built and opened by three enterprises in China.

In terms of terminals, Wenku said that according to the latest data, 197 5g terminals have been granted network access permission, and the shipment volume of 5g mobile phones has reached 86.23 million.

In terms of user development, Wenku said that many operators reported 5g packages, and I think we should offer a more convincing number. The real mobile phones have 5g mobile phones. Whether you use a set plan or not, the number of terminals connected to the Internet has reached 66 million by the end of June, and with the upgrading of the mobile phones of ordinary people, this data is still climbing month by month.

On the whole, the potential of 5g in stabilizing investment, promoting consumption, helping to upgrade and cultivating new driving force of economic development will be further revealed with the continuous growth of these data.

Create a fair market competition pattern and protect the rights and interests of users

We can see that although the number of 5g users is increasing, there are still a considerable number of users who are not enthusiastic about upgrading 5g.

In this process, we have also observed that some operating enterprises will have some assessment indicators and promotion measures. Under the pressure of such assessment, the subordinate employees will have some forced abnormal means when they push forward. These measures are highly disapproved of by the Ministry of industry and information technology. However, from the overall mainstream, 5g development is still better.

On the protection of users rights and interests, the Ministry of industry and information technology has also issued a series of rules and regulations. For example, telecom service specification, notice on issues related to standardizing telecommunication service agreement and notice on further strengthening consumer consumption reminder of telecommunication service are used to restrict telecom enterprises. For example: when opening business to users, it is necessary to remind them that they cant open them without their consent. Its not just for 5g packages, its the same for other businesses.

Wen Ku said that the Ministry of industry and information technology has made special efforts to rectify these problems in the past few years. We require that the provisions on consumption reminders must be strictly implemented in the service process, so as to effectively protect users right to know.

In the next step, all local communication administrations will pay close attention to the situation in all provinces and regions, strengthen supervision and inspection, and especially investigate and deal with violations of users legitimate rights and interests such as upgrading user packages and bundling sales without the consent of users.

From five aspects to give full play to the supporting role of 5g for high quality economic development

On the whole, Chinas current 5g development is still in the early stage of commercial use. To truly play the supporting role of 5g for high-quality economic development, it is necessary to further strengthen policy guarantee, mobilize and stimulate the initiative of various market entities, and promote the formation of a good ecology of 5g with good construction, development and application.

In this regard, Wenku pointed out that there are five things to be done as soon as possible:

First, both quality and efficiency of network construction should be promoted. In order to promote the basic telecom enterprises, they should strengthen their efforts and seize the construction period. With the goal of supporting the independent Networking (SA) mode, we should accelerate the construction of high-quality 5g networks covering the whole country, with advanced technology and excellent quality. We should continue to support China Telecom and China Unicom to build a very competitive 5g network with a bandwidth of 200 megabytes through co construction and sharing.

The common people may not know much about the 200MB network, but it is the most advanced network in the world, and we are the first to try to build it jointly by China Telecom and China Unicom. It is necessary to further promote the integration of advantageous resources of basic telecommunication enterprises, accelerate the network construction of major cities, and gradually extend 5g coverage to key counties, towns and even some rural areas where conditions permit.

Second, we should pay attention to the full release of market vitality. We should seize the development opportunities of 5g in network education, online medical treatment and remote office, further enrich the application scenarios of 5g, and promote the 5g terminals with rich categories and high cost performance to enter the market. At present, you may see that there are a lot of high-end mobile phones with thousands of yuan in advertising, but in fact, with a large number of mobile phones entering the market, there are also low-end 5g mobile phones with a price of more than 1000 yuan. Therefore, these mobile phones can better meet the diverse needs of the masses of people, so as to drive the rapid growth of information consumption.

The third is to realize the same frequency resonance of 5g and other industries. It is necessary to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all walks of life in the application of 5g, promote the two-way opening and cooperation between communication and related industries, study and sort out what kind of constraints exist in the promotion of 5g application, what kind of demand these constraints have on the network, further clarify the needs of these applications, clarify technical solutions, explore new business models, and effectively open up 5g and other industries Application channel.

Fourth, give full play to the boosting role of local support policies. Fully release the policy dividend of local governments at all levels, encourage governments at all levels to implement policies according to local conditions, make full use of the toolbox of 5gs policies in power supply, construction, application and capital, and rapidly transform 5g development into a key driving force to support high-quality economic development in combination with local industrial advantages and digital transformation needs.

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