Luo Yonghao: 1700 second hand mobile phones sold out in seconds

 Luo Yonghao: 1700 second hand mobile phones sold out in seconds

It is understood that before that, there were mobile phone products in Lao Luos live broadcasting room, such as Xiaomi 10 and iPhone 8 plus. However, these mobile phones are all new ones. This time, the self operated iPhone 11 series of Apple source machines provided by Zhuanzhuan group is the first used product to appear in laoluo live broadcasting room.

Compared with the price of Apples official model with the same configuration, the switch of laoluo live broadcasting room to self operated quasi new machine is equivalent to a discount of 60%.

It is reported that the self operated 64g version of the iPhone 11 Pro provided by Zhuan group costs 5299 yuan, while the 256g iPhone 11 promax costs 6899 yuan, both of which are Apples source machines.

In terms of transfer, the mobile phones were strictly inspected and inspected on the platform before they were sold, and they enjoyed 7 days of no reason service. Zhuanzhuan group also built a perfect after-sales service system to help users solve problems.

According to public information, the transfer was officially launched on November 12, 2015, covering more than 30 trading categories, such as mobile phones, 3C digital, books, clothing, shoes and hats, maternal and infant products, furniture and household appliances.

In July 2019, it transferred to acquire whylab laboratory, a well-known digital consumer goods screening and testing platform, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of machine testing. In May 2020, Zhuanzhuan announced the strategic merger of the second-hand mobile phone B2C platform to find a beautiful machine. At present, the transfer group has established a closed-loop industry covering a variety of business models such as C2C / c2b2c / C2B / B2C / B2B. (an orange)

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