Murmuras beauty of heart: A Perspective of Mummy

 Murmuras beauty of heart: A Perspective of Mummy

Since its debut, Kimura has mostly adopted a fresh style, and its image is mainly obedient, with fresh straight hair and temperament. No matter it is for work or private photos, it is mostly wrapped tightly. At most, it shows a little clavicle or beautiful legs occasionally, showing the appearance of a neighbor girl.

Kimura Xinmeis long straight hair and Qi Banghai have become personal signs. She always likes to take the Wenqing route, and also likes the photos taken at sunset. She also leaves a message recommending the novel the young people at dawn. However, in fact, Xinmeis personality is very ghost horse. She likes to play tricks. For example, in the previous picture, she looks at the sky seriously, and in the next picture, she can turn her head Grimaces.

This time, the new eye shadow for makeup brand is also a sexy and charming collocation. In order to match makeup, 18 year old beauty has changed the black skin gauze shirt and only wears a vest. The whole person has made a breakthrough from makeup, hairstyle to costume.

However, netizens reacted differently, and felt that Xinmei should not steal her mothers clothes. There are also many fans who think that most of them keep the beauty of the bangs, but they dont expect that the bangs are different. They think that this is more similar to Jingxiang Kudo!

The funny thing is, I dont know whether Jing Xiang is to support her daughter. She put on her daughters same vest and put on another brand of eyeliner in IG. She dyed red long hair with purple coloring and put on Bvlgari necklace. The whole person had no smell of 50 years old. She looked more sexy and charming than her daughter.

It seems to be a provocation, and the daughter against Taiwan.

In the lip color, because Sekis eye makeup is thick, in the lip color aspect chose partial pink water feeling lip.

In the new single how you like that, Jennie wore a Y / project three-dimensional design with a pair of black hot pants and a Y / project three-dimensional design. She wore different Chanel earrings on her left and right ears in an asymmetric way. One of her close-up photos entered the mirror with her side face covered by her hands, and her bold red eye makeup made up her face. At that time, she successfully attracted fans to discuss topics.

In this way, Xinmeis new season make-up is really gaudy. Its necessary to work harder to avoid humiliating the banner of father Tianwang.