Zaras going to close the store. All depends on the queen of Spains emergency fire?

 Zaras going to close the store. All depends on the queen of Spains emergency fire?

In fact, it is very hot to wear such a small perfume vest in summer. Although it is a sleeveless style, because it is made of soft cloth and has a black sling inside, it can only be said that the queen of Spain has put too much effort into fighting Zaras fire.

Spanish queen Leng is the spring and autumn piece moved to the summer, Queen after a few days of visit, obviously feel a little tired. But Queen Letizias temperament was so good that, in spite of some tiredness in her eyes, her every move was still so noble and generous.

This tweed vest is still from the brand Zara, Queen Letizia, who has been wearing it frequently. This vest can be worn with a half skirt or suspender skirt. In fact, this kind of medium and long model has no problem for the tall mm, but for the small mm, it is a little bit of pressure! The elements of small fragrance are actually very versatile, with a half skirt to create a lazy effect. And matching pants like the queen is full of professional style.

This little black dress from mango is actually childrens wear. Recently, the two princesses of the queen of Spain have gradually changed from childrens clothes to adults.

The princess of lyonnale chose a loose blue and white shirt with a fresh feeling. The thin fabric is very breathable in the hot summer. The eldest princesss temperament is not as good as the second princess. The eldest princess Leonore is the future queen of Spain, and she has been overtaken by her sister. Although the two princesses did not choose Zara this time, they are also brands that we can afford.

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