Seven non combat deaths have occurred at Fort Hood this year

 Seven non combat deaths have occurred at Fort Hood this year

According to the US television news network (CNN) reported on July 21, Fort Hood reported that the confirmed 26 year old private mehjor morta died in a lake near the base on July 17. The bell County Sheriffs office in the area where the base is located told CNN that the cause of Motas death is still under investigation.

According to U.S. Army records, Motta joined the army in September 2019 and won many medals for meritorious service. Commander Neil Armstrong, commander of the battalion, said the formation was saddened by Mottas death and extended his deepest sympathy to Mottas relatives and friends.

Mottas death is the seventh non combat death at Fort Hood recently. According to previous reports, Vanessa Guillen, a 20-year-old female soldier at Fort Hood, whose body was not found until the end of June and was dismembered by the killer, was missing in April. Aaron Robinson, the main suspect in the case and another soldier from the same base, absconded from the base and eventually killed himself in a confrontation with the police.

According to CNN and NPR, in addition to the two incidents mentioned above, five other military deaths occurred in the base this year

In March, 20-year-old professional Sergeant Shelby Jones was shot dead;

In March, Christophe Sawyer, a 29 year old professional sergeant, was found dead in a post house;

In March, Freddy delacruz, a 23-year-old professional sergeant, was found dead in an apartment building outside the base. He and two other people at the scene were shot dead;

In May, Brandon rosencrans, 27, was found dead in Harker heights, Texas, where police are still investigating the cause of his death;

In late June, the body of private Gregory Morales, 24, who has been missing since August 2019, was found near the base.

NPR reported that police have yet to say whether Motas death is suspicious or related to the death of Gillen or Morales.

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