Typhoon fighter will face a completely new upgrade with vector thrust

 Typhoon fighter will face a completely new upgrade with vector thrust

The report quoted Paul Smith, the operation director of the typhoon project, as saying that the European fighter industry consortium has provided customers with a variety of upgrade options, ranging from updating the existing capabilities of fighters to completely replacing avionics and system architectures.

He said he hoped that Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, the partners of the fighters, would make a middle choice. The upgrading projects include installing large area screen display (but no helmet mounted display), updating communication and data storage software, and improving the ability to quickly share and move data.

In terms of engine and flight control system upgrading, it can improve the fuel efficiency of the typhoon fighter ej200 turbofan engine, and improve the aerodynamic shape of the aircraft.

In addition, the use of one-dimensional or two-dimensional vector thrust tail nozzle can enable the fighter to achieve high angle attack situation flight, and improve the ability of short-range take-off and landing.

After the software upgrade, the aircraft can carry more kinds of weapons, including some new weapons, such as the future cruise / anti-ship missile developed by the European missile group and the spear EW electronic attack missile.

Paul Smith said that in addition to updating the fighters existing capabilities, the upgrade also includes the use of open mission systems to reserve space for future new technology applications, such as the storm future air combat system led by British BAE Systems.

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