Russia: they dont have this technology

 Russia: they dont have this technology

Us hypersonic missile test firing scene

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed that the speed of the new hypersonic missile of the United States is 17 times that of the sound speed. Indeed, the United States is currently developing an air-based hypersonic system, yefsheyev said. But I doubt very much whether the announced speed of the Mach 17 missile is in line with the actual situation. Its possible that this is some kind of Mach 10 missile, like our dagger. The strength of the United States enables it to develop such weapons, but it will take about three years.

The expert said that the US leaderships statement to the US society under such circumstances is to comfort the US society and to make people believe that the US military enterprises are not significantly behind other world military powers in the field of hypersonic technology. At the same time, he stressed that Washington was in a catch-up position on the issue.

The U.S. R & D is still in the experimental stage, and we have listed mass production models and even made intercontinental missiles that can be launched by hypersonic vehicles at Mach 27, yefsheyev explained. As for the vanguard missile system, Americans dont even plan to make it - they dont have the science and technology reserves in this field.

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