Van diesel plays superhero for the first time

 Van diesel plays superhero for the first time

Hard core action nano whole blood melee technology steel armor

In the story of bloodthirsty warrior, special soldier ray garrison becomes the companys strongest fighter with the help of RSTs blood nanotechnology. In order to show this kind of super combat power, director Dave Wilson arranged a lot of hard core fighting and motorcycle chasing car and other difficult actions in the film, especially one of the tunnel flour fighting scenes. The scene is full of new ideas and the action is fierce, which will bring the audience the shocking audio-visual of hormone explosion. At the same time, the film will also show the bloody warrior and other science and technology armed steel armour special forces breathtaking high altitude melee. In order to make the film have more realistic texture, director Dave Wilson arranged a lot of training for the leading actors such as van diesel, so the action scenes in the film rely on real shooting as much as possible instead of making up with computer special effects.

The most eye-catching lineup all star franchise dream super team

In addition to the leading role of van diesels performance, the luxury cast of the trooper also includes such powerful actors as Aisha Gonzalez, who is famous for his car theft, Sam xiuhan, who is well-known for his acting and popularity, Toby kebel and versatile guy Pierce, who are well-known in the rise of the scarlet ball series. In the film, Aisha Gonzalez plays KT, a female soldier with clear self-consciousness. Sam xiuhan plays Dalton, a seal commando with bionic legs and external steel armour. The dream super team composed of several people is also enemy and friend. They will also stage a wonderful fierce battle with the strongest equipment.

The most powerful team speed and passion team escort

There is a professional team that can be called the top match for the big screen adaptation of the bloody warrior. Director Dave Wilson is highly praised for his outstanding imagination in the field of visual effects. His previous experience as a producer has also accumulated rich directing experience. With his own expertise, Wilson has achieved a more natural and grounded aesthetic taste in the bloody warrior, which is expected to bring another shock to the audience. The combination of high-intensity action and super advanced technology is vividly demonstrated by the joint efforts of Neil Morris and Toby Jeff, the producers of the speed and passion series and the extreme agent series.

As a film that will obviously have a lot of visual effects, director Dave Wilson applied his rich experience and skills in the field of visual effects to the production of the bloody warrior. At the same time, he also encouraged the design team to make the landscape design more futuristic. It is reported that the scenes of the warrior in the blood are all high-tech heavy equipment from real life. The cartoons nano whole blood, mechanical breathing equipment similar to heavy metal ventilator, bionic legs, and super powerful arms with external skeleton and external hanging are all highly restored in the film. In addition to the sophisticated texture control, the detailed design of the film is also exquisite. For example, KT respirator, after repeated modifications, was determined to be the breast butterfly tattoo style. In addition, every scar on the body of the bloody warrior has been carefully designed.

Different from ordinary superheroes, the bloodthirsty warrior is a character with obvious defects, which can be called the most complicated super Britain in history. He lost his memory completely, and it was difficult to tell whether his memory was controlled by the company and his teammates. Therefore, he was not only brave but also emotionally vulnerable. We all have the feeling of being manipulated and lamenting the injustice of fate in this character. Van diesel said that the setting that the trooper had super power but had to contend with his own was the most attractive point for him. Whats more special is that the hero character in the bloody warrior also has a sadistic love with his teammate KT. In the view of director Dave Wilson, the love relationship between the bloodthirsty soldier and KT in self search is one of the core of the film. Their love will not be easily foreseen by the audience, but it can show a shift in momentum. They have saved each other in this tangled love.

The most humane change opens up a new movie universe of warrior cartoon

The original cartoon of the bloody warrior comes from courage cartoon, another cartoon giant that can share the world with marvel and DC in the field of American and Manchuria. The protagonist of the cartoon is the most popular superhero in warrior cartoon and the first super British character of warrior cartoon to be put on the screen. Compared with the other two superheroes who are born with their own abilities, the superheroes of warriors are ordinary people who are created into heroes under special circumstances, which also makes their stories more human. Director Dave Wilson believes that the trooper is not a traditional story of heroes fighting villains. This superhero has more human characteristics of ordinary people and more connection with the real world. As the pioneering work of the warrior cartoon film universe, the bloody warrior will open up a new system completely different from marvel and DC, offering a completely different superhero movie to the audience.

The bloody warrior is produced by Columbia film company of the United States, starring van diesel, and co starring Elsa Gonzalez, Sam xiuhan, Toby Cabell, guy pierce and so on.

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