Early evaluation: Shanghai index opened low 0.44percent, military industry plate continued to strengthen

 Early evaluation: Shanghai index opened low 0.44percent, military industry plate continued to strengthen

According to Tianfeng Securities Research Report, in the first half of the year, due to the impact of the epidemic, asset quality is under pressure, and the pressure of profit making from the financial system is great. It is expected that the interim report performance of listed banks may be significantly under pressure, so we can wait for the interim report to be implemented. Undervalue resonates with economic rebound, supporting reasonable repair of bank plate valuation.

YueKai securities Yin Yue believes that the recent market volatility has increased, mainly due to the following reasons: first, the stock index in the early period of a sharp rise and rapid decline, faced with the opportunity to draw back again, and whether to surpass the previous high is one of the important indicators to judge whether the trend can rise again. Before the trend is not clear, the market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere; second, the long-term divergence increases Among them, there are differences on whether the market index can continue to rise, and there are differences on how to grasp the structural opportunities of the plate. The incremental capital inflow slows down, and the on-site funds switch frequently in different hot spots. Third, there are external disturbance factors, which will affect the exchange rate, import and export data and the future policy hedging rhythm. Fourth, the current positive value of the Chinese newspaper industry In the performance window period, the performance of the interim report also disturbed the market; fifthly, the issuance process of the selected layers of the science and technology innovation board, the growth enterprise market and the new third board accelerated, which had a siphon effect on the market liquidity.

Although there are disturbing factors in the market, judging from yesterdays trend, the index rose again after the bottom, especially the gem index, which closed up more than 1%, which shows that the current overall market atmosphere is still good, the index is still expected to rise to the early high point, regional shocks to digest resistance, waiting for a new round of trend opportunities promoted by the joint efforts of incremental funds and policy dividend, which is good in the short term Focus on sectors with strong certainty first.

Source: Netease Financial Editor: Yang Qian_ NF4425