Shenzhen mens basketball team is blocked from the playoffs

 Shenzhen mens basketball team is blocked from the playoffs

Although the teams generals made great efforts after the rematch, the Shenzhen navigator failed to create a miracle in the end. This team, which made it to the top four last season, has a record of 19-25 so far this season, which is three games short of the Fujian team in front of him. Unfortunately, it is blocked out of the playoffs. Throughout the season, the leaders of the so-called all-out team have been in the process of adjustment, and what the team left behind for the fans in this year seems to be only a few classic wins.

New express reporter Gao Jing

The off-season preparation time is short

When the Shenzhen team was still in Dongguan Dalang (called Dongguan new century at that time), the team was always a regular in the playoffs. After moving from Dalang to Shenzhen, the team has never missed the playoffs except for the 2015-2016 season. However, this season, the team has been blocked out of the playoffs.

At the beginning of the league, Shenzhen team started slowly and won only one in the first five games. The start was not smooth, leading to the team has been in a catch-up state. Half way after the league, Shenzhen team with 10-13 record ranked 12th, still in the playoff sequence.

However, the arrival of the epidemic led to the suspension of CBA League, and after the restart of the event, Shenzhen team could only play in the way of all China class. Yu Dehao, the point guard, was unable to recover. In addition, many of the main players in the team were injured. In the final sprint stage, the team lost successively to the important competitors Jiangsu, Fujian and Qingdao, which unfortunately missed the playoffs.

In contrast, the teams main competitor Fujian team has Lawson this experienced foreign aid. Before the two teams were engaged, the Shenzhen team was half a body behind. It can be said that the whole 2019-2020 season, Shenzhen team is more or less troubled by the problem of foreign aid.

After losing to Qingdao, Wang Jianjun, coach of the team, left the team due to family affairs and returned to Guangdong. Qiu Biao, assistant coach, led the team for the rest of the game. Under the leadership of the young coach, the team achieved 1-3 record.

Although we are out of the playoffs, there are still two games against Bayi and Zhejiang, so we should be fully prepared. When there are more internal injuries in the team, young players still have to play one more. Qiu Biao said.

The killing left a good memory

Although Shenzhen team did not make the playoffs in the end this season, the teams several wins still left a very good memory for the fans.

Facing Xinjiang in the 9th round, the other side equalized the score in the last 1.7 seconds. Gu Quan of Shenzhen team threw a long pass straight under the front court basket at the bottom line, and Shen Zijie scored directly through the air, reappearing the classic scene of killing Munich. On the day when academician Zhong Nanshan came in to watch the CBA, he also specifically mentioned Shen Zijies unique goal.

In addition, in the 13th round against Sichuan, he Xining of Shenzhen team shot from the free throw line position in the back field in the last 0.1 second, and hit the super long three points; in the 14th round, he Xining staged a three-point victory in the last two seconds against Beijing, but the opponent finally completed the counter super with three free throws.

On the same show

Cba12 teams in the playoffs

CBA playoffs: Guangdong, Xinjiang, Beijing, Liaoning, Guangxia, Zhejiang, Beikong, Jilin, Qingdao, Shanxi, Shandong and Fujian.

Since the 2018-2019 season, the number of CBA playoff teams has increased from 10 to 12. According to reports, the playoffs will continue part of the previous practice, ranking in the first round of the regular season top four teams. It is reported that the first game of the playoffs will start on July 31, and the finals will end on August 15.