Where is the space for Lu Jinbo to rush to gem Guomai cultural capital bureau

 Where is the space for Lu Jinbo to rush to gem Guomai cultural capital bureau

With the best-selling resources, the income generating ability of Guomai culture can be called steady. According to the prospectus, from 2017 to 2019, the companys revenue was 243 million yuan, 305 million yuan and 384 million yuan, and the net profit was 29.3182 million yuan, 52.8678 million yuan and 59.2158 million yuan.

It is worth noting that in terms of profit performance, Guomai culture is just in line with the condition of the net profit in the last two years is positive, and the accumulated net profit is no less than RMB 50 million in the issuance threshold of gem. At the beginning of meeting the issuing conditions, they choose to land in the capital market, which means the importance of capital for the book publishing industry to some extent.

In the field of publishing, Bestsellers and authors copyrights have always been contested. According to the different copyright attributes, books can be divided into two categories: public books and copyright books. The former refers to the works that are not subject to copyright restrictions, such as the works after the expiration of copyright, the authors automatic abandonment of copyright or the authors death 50 years later; the latter refers to the books that the company needs to purchase the copyright from the author or copyright agency.

However, the share of new copyright books is weakening, and the influence of public books is increasing, whether from the perspective of Codex (Book Pricing multiplied by the amount of quantity) or the contribution of copies. According to the open book information data, the contribution of new books in 2002 was 31.49%, and fell to 17% in 2018.

Public edition books are definitely the largest business section in Book enterprises and the market, because they are in line with the taste of public reading and are the most safe choice. The person in charge of the above channels said.

Although there is no copyright restriction on public edition books, to form differentiated competition with competitors in the same book, book enterprises need to sacrifice the cost in topic selection, layout or compilation level, binding design and publicity and distribution. The value and beauty we emphasize include the importance of book binding and texture. For example, the best-selling book of songs is planned by Guomai culture. In printing, Guomai chooses a book design that can be unfolded 180 degrees and annotates the book of songs based on readers reading research. Guomai culture secretarys office to investor network said.

Even so, the public book field is still the strength of Guomai culture. According to the 2018 book retail market report released by the open book information data, Guomai culture occupies two of the top three best-selling public edition books, namely six chapters of a floating life and little prince. From 2017 to 2019, it also ranked first in the public book planning and distribution share of public publishing private book companies for three consecutive years.

From the business point of view, Guomai culture mainly includes book planning and distribution, digital content business and IP derivative and operation. Among them, the revenue from book planning and distribution accounts for more than 94% of the total revenue, reaching 96.44% in 2019, indicating that the company focuses on the vertical track of book publishing.

It is worth noting that due to the limitations of the policies on publishing and book number, private publishing enterprises are not publishing houses. They are more close to book planning and distribution companies, and only operate the links of book selection, content planning, binding design and publicity and distribution. This means that the operating space of private publishing enterprises is relatively limited, and the differences between private publishing enterprises and competitors lie in exclusive copyright, design and publicity, etc.

Exquisite packaging and publicity is the impression of Guomai culture to the industry. Lu Jinbo is a star writer. He can work for his own company and his writers platform. He knows marketing very well, but Mr. Chen (Chairman of the board of directors Chen Mingjun), who is also a private publishing company, rarely shows up. A former employee of new classic (603096. SH) told investor. Com.

According to the introduction of Guomai cultures director general office to investor.com, its reader portrait can be summarized as new middle class. In the subdivision field, the companys best literature and art books are positioned as urban people aged 16 to 30. Whether it is based on the value and beauty product strategy, or its target readers, design and marketing are the best brand of Guomai culture.

And if you are good at marketing, you may miss it. In 2013, Guomai culture published Li Jihongs translation of the little prince, which was known as a talented translator, and used words such as the best translation so far to correct more than 200 errors in 56 existing versions.

However, he Jiawei, editor of Jiujiu scholar and French translator, pointed out that the propaganda language was unreasonable and launched a one star campaign to give the book a star evaluation on Douban. At present, there are several versions of the Chinese version of the little prince on Douban, with scores above 8.8, and only Li Jihongs version has a score of 7.7.

In 2016, Guomai culture combined with new media platform new world phase launched the youth version of dream of Red Mansions, which took three years to revise, and invited star platforms such as Fan Bingbing and Zhang Jingchu. However, the book once again triggered the one star movement of Douban.

Is the propaganda strategy of Guomai culture too radical? Dong explained to investor.com: it is difficult to predict the Internet sentiment, but we are confident in the writing and translation level of its writers. When translating the little prince, Mr. Li Jihong explained it to us even if it was shaking or shaking.

Of course, Guomai culture also needs to take more into account the factors of network emotions and be more restrained in future advertising language. According to the Secretary Generals office.

In addition to promoting book sales through publicity, the operation of book copyright and IP and the entry into film and television or multimedia content are also new growth space for book enterprises.

According to public information, the copyright income and IP incubation income of the book industry leaders are considerable. In 2018, digital reading group (0772. HK) acquired Xinli media, a film and television company, and then launched more than a year of celebration and other hot topics. According to the data, in 2019, the copyright operation revenue of reading articles reached 4.42 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 341%, surpassing its online book business for the first time and becoming the main revenue source.

However, Guomai culture did not disclose the specific revenue from copyright operation in the prospectus. The income scale of its IP derivative and operation business is small, accounting for about 1% of the total revenue. In terms of film and television, Guomai has not formed a business line. If there is a good IP project, we are very willing to put into operation. The Secretary Generals office said.

But will film and television or multimedia content become the new imagination of the book publishing industry? The market has no definite answer.

The winter of the film industry is a major trend this year, but in fact, since last year, our business has become difficult. The former staff of the new classic said to investor net. In fact, in September last year, new classics, the leading enterprise in private book publishing, temporarily suspended the business of its film and Television Department, and most of the team members left.

The former employee explained that even if there are a large number of book copyrights under the book enterprise, it is necessary to renegotiate with the copyright owner or the author from the book copyright to the film and television copyright. Most copyright owners have one vote veto power and have high bargaining power. The new classic has the copyright of all the books of keigo Ono, but even now, we cant talk about his film and television copyright.

When human stars shine, books are always the background color behind them. As a classic industry, book publishing either focuses on traditional book planning, or diversified development content, breaking through the boundary. However, it may be a new opportunity as well as a challenge for literati to lay out the capital array, from readers to revenue, and then to profits.

Source: investor.com editor in charge: Yang Qian_ NF4425