Japanese animation promiya appears at Shanghai Film Festival

 Japanese animation promiya appears at Shanghai Film Festival

The boys spirit is praised as a romantic work

Prometheus continues the modern stone series animation as always dynamic, arrogant and unconventional. The film is about the mutant burning people who regards burning as the meaning of existence, which makes half the world burned to scorch. In order to suppress the fire they caused, human beings set up a high mobility fire brigade fire brigade for the burning people. This army, as the last hope of mankind, will fight the mutants. In particular, although the theme of the film is the world is on fire, the fire shown in the film is not red flame, but a bright fluorescent color wrapped in jumping peach. The film combines CG and hand drawing perfectly. Using a lot of geometric graphics and Mg animation, strong impact of high saturation color and triangle geometry changes, the unique method of changing the mirror over the mecha, each frame has its own personality like a vector poster, and has a unique sense of fashion and future. The whole work is full of the directors Romanticism, the hot-blooded protagonist, the human mechanical texture and the simple touch to the audience. None of them expresses the core value of boys romance is pure and positive.

It is reported that the debut of promya at the Shanghai Film Festival has caused a carnival among fans, and the official platform sold out as soon as the tickets were issued.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020