Lao Ganmas radish chapter should not be just an ant chain. He wants to reconstruct the digital economic system

 Lao Ganmas radish chapter should not be just an ant chain. He wants to reconstruct the digital economic system

This name was given by Mr. Ma. Ant chain is not only a blockchain, but also a solution to industrial problems. When it comes to renaming the name, Jiang Guofei said.

In his opinion, block is just the foundation of technology, and its real value lies in chain connecting industry. So today, our name is shortened, but in fact, our dream is bigger. Jiang Guofei said.

Reconstruction of trust system

Today, we see that all industries are entering the stage of digitization and capitalization. In the context of digital economy, new infrastructure is also needed to support the development of these industries. Jiang Guofei told the Securities Daily that we have a unified electronic seal platform, taking seals as an example. The electronic seal platform can solve the problem of identification. In addition, digital seal can also alleviate the problems of long process and low efficiency in some organizations.

The introduction of electronic seal solution may only be the tip of the iceberg of ant chain technology. If we hope that there is no false chapter in the world, it is a spiritual extension of let the world have no difficulty in doing business, so the ant chain may also be an upgrade in the field of Alipay practice.

Alipay essentially deals with secured transactions, which is the core of trust. Jiang Guofei said, today, from the perspective of digital collaboration, it is the same. From the generation and circulation of assets to the separation of assets, the chain is basically broken.

Jiang Guofei pointed out, for example, to buy a house, consumers need to complete the action of buying a house through intermediaries, banks and other institutions, but the trust mechanism between various institutions is broken. In this process, people need to check the credit and complete the various processes in the middle. The ant chain can transfer the whole digital cooperation link to the online, and break through the trust mechanism of these institutions through the industrial chain technology. Taking house purchase as an example, ant chain can complete asset transaction by making multiple parties reach a consensus trust relationship.

More than 100 million daily activities have been realized

Now, ants and life are changing more and more.

On July 23, ant chain also announced strategic cooperation with Minsheng leasing, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Customers recognize our value. Jiang Guofei said so.

According to the data disclosed by Jing Xiandong at the press conference, in business, the daily number of chain of ant chain is more than 100 million times; in terms of technology, the number of global patent applications of ant chain has always been the first in the past four years; in terms of application, ant chain has helped to solve the trust problem of more than 50 scenes.

This is the first time that the ant chain disclosed the daily chain quantity data. According to ant chain, this data is equivalent to daily life in the field of blockchain. In 2019, Jiang Guofei, vice president of ant group and person in charge of ant chain, once pointed out that the amount of online chain will be an important indicator to measure the prosperity of digital economy.

The formal appearance of ant chain may mean that ant group has entered a new stage of development in solving the problem of commercial trust.

In fact, as early as 2004, ant group was deliberately building trust. In the above press conference, well Hsien Tung pointed out that in the past 16 years, the most important product of ants is to establish trust. From the beginning of the birth of Alipay in 2004, they were committed to solving the key problem of restricting the rapid development of the digital economy. In 2010, with the birth of ants, small loans, flower and sesame credit products, ants began to explore and use data technology to make credit a financial asset. In 2015, ant group joined in the blockchain, believing that the blockchain can reconstruct the trust system in the digital era, and hopes that the blockchain can change peoples production and life in the digital era like mobile payment. Even in the changeable environment of the outside world, ants always adhere to the faith of solving real problems.

Today is the starting point of the ant chain, and its vision is to build the largest value network in the world. Jiang Guofei said at the press conference that the new launch of ant chain will accelerate the development of blockchain from cutting-edge technology to science and technology industry. Through ant chains understanding of Commerce, technology precipitation and ecological construction, it will promote the popularization of blockchain technology and create real value for consumers, small and micro enterprises and the entire Internet industry.

Source of this article: Yang Qian, editor in charge of Securities Daily_ NF4425